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How do I help my wife?
3 Replies

Messages help but only so much, is there anything else I can do to help my wife?


Sue - October 22

Understanding is the best help I have found. That meant explaining it to my 3 kids and hubby. And yes I get alot of massages(hubby says his arm is gonna fall off), they help me relax and concentrate on other things...which helps with the pain. Communication with your wife on how she feels is also great. I felt guilty about not helping with stuff and thought my hubby was mad, I found out I was wrong in my thinking, but it took me saying something...before I found out he didn't feel that way. Sometimes it can be hard for us to admit we need help or how we really feel...While fibro is hard, it has made us appreciate each other that much more, and we tend not to be as stressed or cranky with each other and to enjoy life more. (stress makes pain worse and we have enough have that!!) Good luck to you both.


Andrea - December 9

Hug her, go with her to support meetings, don't bite her head off because she can't work, love her even though she is in pain, the most important thing is that you don't blame her for this disease. Tell her that you love her. Even if you don't understand what is happening to her.


Jean - December 9

Yes, it hurts to watch and your hands are tied because you don't know what else to do. Keep supporting her and help her through her day and better yet make sure she has good medical doctors who understand this condition and can thereby help you help her. There are medications given to fibro patients such as antidepressants, pain medication, muscle relaxers. Also there are other conditions that could be involved with her Fibromyalgia, which your doctors will rule out as time goes on. Hang in there, it is not a quick fix. I suggest aRheumatologist to start and you will probably see more doctors.



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