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How can i explain the pain
12 Replies
Anne - January 30

Can anyone tell me how i can explain the pain to my family members. they know i am in pain, but sometimes tell me "you haven't done much today - you are making it up about the pain." some days i am so bad i just have to rest, but i don't know how to tell them that. it is so frustrating that sometimes they say they understand, but yet when i am having bad days, they say i make it up. now i have taken to not telling anyone how i feel, but i think they assume i feel less pain then before because of this. please, can anyone help me out?!


Jean - October 11

Education is power. Get the information together on this condition and hand it out to your family and friends and teach them about what you are feeling and why. Hopefully through this education process they will become more familiar with your condition so you can have the support you need. If that does not work take them to family counseling where the therapist specializes in this condition to better help you family understand the pain you are experiencing.


Anne - October 20

thanks :)


Sandra Kramer - December 5

I would also like to know how to explain the pain to my family and friends. My children think because they can't physically see it and I'm not in a hospital then I must be fine.


Jean - December 6

Hi Anne: This is hard but one thing for certain you need to educate your family about this condition. I'm going to give you a couple of sites to go to and print out information for your family so they will better understand.Go to : and then go to a guide for relatives and companions.
Then see what www.fibromyalgia and even on this site you can get some info for your family. See how that goes and I'll be back to check with you. Lots of hugs


Jean - December 6

Hi Sandra: try this out too this is for you too .I'll be here if you need more info. or help.


linda - January 3

no one knows your pain i try to work 2 days a week and when i do it flares up evev worse husband dont really understand


coco - January 3

show them the letter to normals... you can fix it up anyway you want.. here it is


coach eve - January 30

I suggest arranging a family visit to your doctor's - or to a local support group!


Marita - October 8

These days it seems emailing is a very easy way of sharing things. That way, they won't necessarily feel confronted and they can sit in their own 'comfort zone' while reading about and hopefully understanding what you are dealing with. Maybe email them url's to pages, that also will give a good '3rd person' authority, as family members are often not too good at listening to each other in these cases. Or if they are willing, take them with you to your doctor(s), let them talk with him/her and ask questions etc. Maybe even leave the room and let them ask questions they might feel ashamed/uncomfortable asking while you are there, like "Is she lying to me, is she making this up, how much of it is real and... I have no idea what to do - help!"


Robin1237 - October 23

I think this is Lyme disease, a bacterial infection usually transmitted by a tick bite. We can't see the bacteria unless in darkfield microscopy. But they invade our nerves and soft tissues and cause all the symptoms. Go read at and see if you think you match what people are describing there. If so, people there can help you find a Lyme-knowledgeable doctor in your area.


islandguy - October 25

I am not promoting another site but I like some of the explanations that they have for the "normals". I like them and have copied them and given copies to family and friends so that they may learn more about the "invisible" "but you don't look sick " disease. Hope this helped me...


islandguy - October 25

Woops....forgot to list the site... it is........



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