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hopenforacure - November 5

Hi am new and I just want to share a little bit about myself. its been twenty years for me suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.1995 I was working at a nursing home enjoying the work I was doing that same year I got married life was good and then my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. So I quite my job to take care of my mother it was a very tough time for me. one month later my mom went home to be with the lord and I was so broken hearted I went into a deep depression it felt as though my heart was snatched out my chess and that's when my body began to change. I began to feel pain all over my body unbearable. went to the doctor after a year of suffering and the doctor diagnosed with fibro then they sent me for a second opinion and the results were the same. I never heard of this illness I was shocked but at the same time relieved I knew what was causing me so much misery. my treatment starts injections in my head my neck and my back with no relief just more pain. my story is just like a lot of other stories many doctors and many medicines I have tried all types of therapy also. I experience a lot of chronic pain. here is my list muscles, abdomen, back, neck, can be sharp, dull or throbbing. muscle tenderness, muscle spasm, sensitive to hot and cold weather. feeling tired all the time never feeling rested lack of concentration and trouble sleeping that's the reason im up now and the list goes on bloating, forgetfulness, depression, joint stiffness, chess pain, feet and toes ache just to name a few. im not complaining im grateful I have others to share with because I have been suffering in silence really no support. but as you all share you stories I know im not in this all by myself. but I do wish you all well, I think we are courageous and also strong people we have to endure so much. hugs to you all!



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