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Tim - August 30

I have fibro recently diagnosed.(I'm 50 years old}
My daughter 26 years old has been haveing very similar symptoms that Ive been having for 4-5 years. The electrical currents in the neck back arms etc.. I'm very concerned that she may be starting the road to hell.. She is a very active beautifull person and I don't ever want any one to have to go through this. does anyone know if fibro can be genetic????


Genice insco - August 30

I am wondering the same thing wish some one could give an answer, my 22 year old daughter has chrons dieses and has many of the same symthoms as me with this illness (as you say from hell) , she is a nurse at our local hospital working in the MICU and you would think she could find out something but this illness is so outregous that no one realy seems to no anything about ihow you get it or if it is genetic or not.


Kim - August 30

I'm not sure but I have it, my mother has it, and we think my grandmother had it, but back then, they didn't diagnose the disease.


docholiday - July 23

My Mom ahs been diagnosed as has my sister and myself. My maternal grandmother has the same exact symptoms, but has yet to actually get the diagnosis from the doctor. My mother looks back now and realizes that my maternal Great Grandmother showed all the symptoms as well. We believe that my maternal aunt has it, but as she is an alcoholic and cigarette smoker she covers a lot of the symptoms, she would most likely never go and get it diagnosed either. My mother did say that when she was a smoker she didn't feel as much of the pain as she does now. Not that she is condoning smoking but she noticed that the drug helped disguise the pain. I wonder just how many alcoholics are suffering from FM and don't understand it so they try to drink it away? Very sad to think about.


aliciasue - July 27

HI Tim,I dont know if fms is heredidy or not .i have fms my mother has it older sister and twin sister has it .Now my brothers dont have it .also lupus now my mother and older sis has that too .me and my twin sister dont .drs never told me if it was heredidyand the drs know my family back ground .i hope it can help you .i hope your daughter doesnt have fms too



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