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zoloft, anti-depressant withdrawal, alternatives
2 Replies
futzandstuff - March 2

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia 20 years ago. Doctor put me on low-dose Zoloft fifteen years ago to help with the sleep disorder. The drug was a lifesaver - once I started sleeping normally, so many of my other fibromyalgia symptoms became more controllable. I have been trying to stop taking Zoloft on and off for 5 years (hate being on drugs). Always end up going back on because of the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. I have been off Zoloft now for a month. My symptoms aren't getting any better. My research says withdrawal symptoms can last 4 to 8 weeks.

A lot of the listed withdrawal symptoms are similar to a major fibro flare-up, so it's hard to tell which is which. I have dealt with mega-fibromyalgia flare-ups in the past and if I know the symptoms are temporary due to withdrawal, I will tough it out.

So, I have three questions:

1) Has anyone gone through anti-depressant withdrawal with non-stop symptoms of what seems to be a major fibromyalgia flare-up, and how long did it last?

2) Are there non-addictive (in the sense that I won't be dealing with withdrawal once I stop) alternatives to low dose anti-depressants that will help with the sleep disorder?

3) I have been researching and found a product called AMORYN - it's a natural anti-depressant and contains ingredients that do a lot of what the SSRI anti-depressants do, as well as supplementing the body with things it needs to produce more serotonin (thus helping with sleep). I am thinking it might be a healthier (and hopefully non-addictive) alternative to Zoloft. I have a feeling the Zoloft was helping with more than just the sleep disorder, and am worried that without the Zoloft I am going to be dealing with more chronic fibromyalgia symptoms. Has anyone taken AMORYN? Found it helpful?


lucky13 - March 3

I'm not a huge fan of "natural alternatives" because they are not regulated by the FDA and tested like medications like Zoloft are. So often times you really don't know what your getting or what it's quality is.
Anything that is needed to adjust any chemical in your body will have some effect on you as your body adjusts to life without it.
hopefully you gradually came off the zoloft and not cold turkey.

Good luck.


denjen - March 5

In my opinion you may not be having withdrawals, but this is how you really are with no meds to help your body deal with the Fibro. I get weird sometimes and think I hate being on drugs, taking pills everyday, the cost, blah, blah. Sorry to tell you this but you are sick and just like arthritis you will have to take a med everyday. If you want to research and try homeopathic medicine, knock yourself out. I have learned what works for me unfortunately doesn't work for you. Post your results and maybe you will help someone else.
I have also learned that meds affect me differently then they do a person who doesn't have this God awful disease. Hydrocodone makes some people loopy, I get nothing out of it but a headache. I can have a headache all on my own without the help of a drug. Some meds will just stop working for me after taking them for awhile. Muscle relaxers and Tramadol have no affect at all.
Good luck in your quest to feeling good again. We all deserve it.




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