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young with fibro :-(
8 Replies
NATTYBOO - October 20

I dont know anyone personaly with fibro ,is there anyone out the 20 with this condition ive had it sine 17 but only got gp to reconise it two years ago , i do feel its made me less youthful and i find myself acting like a 40year there anyone one that can talk about this with me ...


LH2005 - October 21

Hi there Nattyboo. I am 28 and was told that i have fibro about 4 months ago but i have suffered with these symptoms since i was a teenager. This illness can definately make you feel a lot older than you are. You will find that many of the activities that you once enjoyed, you are no longer to enjoy. It can be quite overwhelming for someone so young. I hope that things go well for you.


Noca - October 21

I have fibro and im 24, had it since I was 21.


sleepingin91 - October 21

Hey NATTYBOO, I'm 19 and I got diagnosed this year but have probably been suffering from it since I was about 15-16ish. I know how you feel, I rarely go out with friends and such because either I am exhausted or in pain :(
It sucks soooo bad.


NATTYBOO - October 22

sleepingin91 , hi


Ali 21 - October 23

Hey nattyboo,plz believe me when i say i know xcatly how u feel...i was diagnosed at 17 after a yr and a half of running 2see my gp atleast once or twice a wk! No1 understood when i told them how soar i was and how i liturally couldn't move with the pain. My parents paid for me 2go private and thats when the doctor i seen recognised what it was. Being told that at 17 was a huge shock but i didnt realise how much it was eventually gona change my life.
I used 2work 40+ hrs a wk and iv always been some1 who likes 2be on the go but when fibro hit it completly floored me 2the point that i needed help getting dressed,in and out of bed,etc.
I am almost 22 so i have been suffering almost 5yrs and due 2fibro i now have to self-cathaterise because my bladder muscles are destroyed,and in the last 8months iv been in and out of hospital constantly as the muscles in my bowels have completly slowed down 2the extent that i now am inserting ennema's and stayin in hosp every few wks 2clear out my bowel.
My social life has gone completly down the drain and although i have good friends..they dont understand,when im havin a bad day now i wouldn't dare tell them now as they just think im moaning for the sake of it.
I have no1 around my age till speak to also and thats 1 of the worst things for me!
Im intrested 2know has any1els had bladder/bowel probs due 2fibro?!


tia - October 27

Hi 23 n was diagn0sed at the age of does make you feel like you well over 40 i know 1night out just coffee or a movie with friends and i am exhausted...or like right now for the past 2days i am so exhausted n in so much pain and have no idea why im not stressd,i havent dne anythng major but jus goin to shower takes all of my energy.ive taken off from work for the week it does affect my incentive and progress but ive realised my health comes first and yes im supposed to be to young to b feeling sick all the time and im sure thats wat you get told but they do not know wat it is like...hang in there and if you want e.mail me when you need to talk...
Tia :)


lovlyliz13 - October 29

Hi Nattyboo . I am a 19 year old college student and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 2 years ago. I lost most of my senior year to fibro. I also suffer from RSD and have bone problems in my feet that make walking very hard some days . I understand how hard it is to feel like a old women when you are so young. I lose out on hanging out with friends and have lost a boyfriend that I was with for 5 years due to that fact that he couldnt deal with seeing me sick and the fact that I wasnt the fun , out going person I used to be . Not because I didnt want to but because fibro limited every thing for me . But I hope like most fibro patients you have good days and bad days . But when you have bad days you have to hold on to memories of the good days. And you may lose friends due to their stupidity of not understanding what its like to deal with a chronic pain disorder . But you always have people on sites like this that will give you courage to get throught. :) Hope you get to feeling better !


bburnie - October 30

I am 35 and have had these issues since I was 15/16. Your right, you feel much older then you are. And yeah, it sucks. All I can say, is that although it doesn't get better, you HAVE TO find a way to mentally get through it. There really aren't many alternatives. Ya know?

For me, accepting that no one could really understand and answer all my questions, find a way to fix it, was freedom. I suffered all through college, hearing from medical providers that I was stretching too much, not enough, working out too much, needed more, not drinking enough water...ect. The list is never ending of possibilities they came up with to explain my pain away. Accepting that this was ME was liberating. I know it sounds odd, but it helped in some way.

(((HUGS)))) I know first hand how hard it is to be in your shoes. At least you have a name to go with it now- even if it really doesn't offer an explanation or reason WHY you feel like hell all the time. Sometimes, we take what we can get.




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