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You've got to be kidding me!
3 Replies
tnichel - January 29

So I went back to my primary physician for the first time since being diagnosed. My main issues were horrible headaches, stomach problems due to meds, and severe pain in the neck and shoulders. So he looks over an mri from a year ago that showed I had narrowing of the cervical spine. He said that basically meant I had arthritis in my neck and that I shoud consider wearing a cervical collar. Are you serious! I'm 28 years old and not trying to be vain, but there is no way I would wear that thing.

It's already bad enough I carry a bag of necessities everywhere I go so my coworkers probably think I'm a hypochondriac. And why am I just now being told it's arthritis despite numerous blood test, etc. that couldn't find any arthritis anywhere in my body.

I asked if he believed in fibro and he said he wasn't sure since there was no specific tests to pinpoint the problem. I asked if I should go to a pain center and he said that was a last resort. OK, so you won't give me any meds (only a flexeril like drug that doesn't really work), you won't run any tests and I'm supposed to suffer silently then come see you in another year? Get real!!!! Yes, I am fired up. Between a nonchalant physician and a cocky, cranky rheumy I could just scream! There I did. That feels better! OK, back to the topic at hand.

I just needed to get that out. I can't believe it's been so hard to find a good doctor. I sympathize with those whose condition is worse than mine. I don't know how they deal with it all when there's so much apathy in the medical community.
BTW,what do you use when your neck and back pain gets to that intolerable point? Heat therapy isn't getting it and I still have to see at a cpu for 9 hours a day. The only thing that's come close to touching the pain is hydrocodone 5mg...leftover from getting my wisdom tooth pulled. Funny thing is I didn't need it for the wisdom tooth. Thanks in advance.


axxie - January 29

I think you need to tell your doctor to get real!
As for neck and shoulder pain, I have athritis, at the exact place. I go see a chiropractor, he is the only one who has given me relief. Once a week, need it or not. For the rest of time while you are at home, especially on those cold nights wear the collar it will give you some relief. As for meds, I'm on cymbalta and to sleep trazadone. Get yourself some back pain ointment it helps. As for the doctor to tell you, you have fibro it took me several years, after every tests where done. The problem with fibro is does mimic so many other ailment that the doctor has to start with every thing and pair it down. Do take care of yourself, it's time for you to stop and start looking at what you can do to heal. If you are eating fatty or junk food, you might as well stop now. This will inflame your problems.
Go see your gp every month and tell him to start the process of narrowing down what you don't have.
Good luck


tnichel - January 29

Oh, believe me I am doing whatever I can to heal. I stopped going to the docs after nearly 2 years (7 yrs ago) b/c of getting my blood drawn every week, a spinal tap, and all those other god awful tests. They drille dinto by freeking back bone for pete's sake.

The primary dr. pissed me off b/c when I was first diagnosed and came to him (primary)... he told me to go to a pain mgmt. center and like that my appt. ended 5 minutes later. He didn't even refer a rheumy. I was in the car having a freakin breakdown b/c one doc diagnosed me and wouldn't take my case... and no one else wanted treat me. (fibro docs are hard to find in my city) Imagine finding all this out, finally having an answer and no one to help. NO ONE! I found it on my own. That's the point of my note! He is my gp and he doesn't want to see me for another year. I've done everything I can do on my own and when doctors blow off my research or advice and tips I got from this site.... it makes you want to scream. I appreciate your response but I think you may have missed my point. I came here to rant...not to sound like I won't do anything to help myself b/c it's far from the truth. And to share by situation with those who have been there or are going through this now. I realize how fortunate I am not to have it as bad as others. I just won't them to know I empathize with them and consider my grateful for my situation. Still, I won't give up on finding good doctors and helping myself. Oh, and I went to the chiro I had to stop going b/c my muscles were too tight for it to be effective... I also have sjogren's. But thanks for your suggestions.


fingmeow - January 29

You might try wearing a collar at night. I had to wear one for quite a while for degenerating discs, and it was actually quite relaxing. I've also found the Aspercream night stuff works fairly well. Good luck finding a decent doctor.



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