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You gotta move!!!!
8 Replies
Lyle Anderson - January 4

I spent Saturday and Sunday holiday weekend stretched out on the couch watching CSI:Miami and Law & Order marathons. I promised myself I'd get up and work on Monday BUT Turner Classic Movies was showing the world's worst sci-fi movies from the fifties (including this one about a 'thing' of some sort climbing up Westminister Abbey and concluding with Steve McQueen in 'The Blob'---who could turn this down!?!), so, of course, I HAD to watch that. By Tuesday morning I couldn't move! It wasn't so much pain, I'm used to that, it was like I had solid 10/40 paste trying to flow through my muscles. I was sweating like a dog, agonizing, rolling on the floor, WOW! I had forgotten the first rule of FMS: YOU HAVE TO MOVE!!! No matter how much it hurts, you gotta move. So, I learned my lesson the hard way but it was till a lesson learned so I thought I would share it with you guys. The other rule: If you are going in for surgery ADVISE YOUR SURGEON THAT YOU HAVE FMS! I had abdominal surgery about 7 years ago and I would certainly have thought twice about it if I knew then what I know now. It still hurts; I have fibroids and scar tissued all over my insides and hurts like red hot mustard sauce when the FMS hits it. I had to have the surgery but the surgeon would have cut on me differently. The pain I have now from the scarring and the whatever and the FMS is never going to go away. So I start you off in the New Year with 2 lessons learned. BUT YOU GOTTA MOVE!!!


BRENDA - January 4

Right on Lyle! I have been sick for the last few days & I fogot that RULE too! Now I am stiff & sore all over & I don't WANT TO MOVE!!!


Jeannie3 - January 4

Lyle, that is so true about the surgery. I had the last stage of total hysterectomy done about ll years ago and that is when I got hit hard with FMS (I had symptoms prior,,it's only now I know). Also you described red hot mustard pains and fibroids. That sounds so similiar to an early post I made. Thanks I'm going to the doctor with that one for sure. Moving is often hard but as you say very necessary.


JJ1 - January 4

I think staying active helps me a lot, too. I am not an exercise freak by far and my exercise is pretty minimal really. I walk my dog once or twice a day or throw sticks for her in the backyard. I am in a two story house and because of my fibrofog, lol, I am constantly forgetting what I am doing or where I put things so it is up and down stairs all day at home. I also make myself use the stairs at work (3rd floor) instead of the elevator and I part towards the back of the lot. LIttle things like that, I think, can really help. Yesterday when I was majorly in pain, I really did not feel like getting out of bed. I spent most of the day feeling like someone had a knife in my back and would occasionally turn it. But I couldn't just lay around because I had a meeting at work and my 13 year old who acts and models had an audition and then there was her science fair project I had to help her complete. I really felt crappy all day yesterday but woke up today feeling so much better. Not 100% better, but I think moving around really helped me out.


BrandyO - January 6

Moving is our friend. It may be painful but imagine how much worse it is when we don't move. I work out at Curves 4 days a week. The week between Christmas and new years I decided to take a break. I figured both my kids were home..... the youngest is a junior in high school and the oldest is a teacher .... so I wanted to spend time with them, plus I figured I could sleep in all that week. Boy what a mistake. I really set myself into a flare. My pain levels are high and the stiffness is unbelievable. Never again will I take time off from my workouts unless I break a leg or something, lol. Take care everyone. Brandy


yannie - January 6

my Dr. 's best advice was no drug can fix this but use what you've got or lose it! I am 60 years old and work full time in a daycare facility with 15 two-year olds...many days i come home and have learned to make good meals with 3 ingredients in 5 minutes and call it a day! if I didnot force myself to go to work I know I would be a cripple...and the children give me alot of watch the sugar intake, use those muscles and I hope you all have better days ahead - I have had this for years but I refuse to let it control me! I appreciate everyone's support and good input....don't give up on yourselves!


Jeannie3 - January 6

Yannie your quick nutriouse meals in 5 minutes got to me, I bet they're receipees that you have mastered but by any chance do you get these from any cookbooks I could buy. LOL Virgie


guest1 - January 13

whoops! Jeannie3 - you signed your post as your real name, Virgie.....


Jeannie3 - January 13

Which it is. I was named Virginia but always called Jeannie. If you knew my maiden name I could list you a lot of endearing nicknames I answered to.



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