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10 Replies
Leonard - September 3

I feel for the people who have chronic pain of all kinds. My wife is one who also is in chronic pain. However, there is real hope for some of you with chronic pain in the work of Dr. John E Sarno of the Howard A Rusk Institute for Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine at NYU. Dr. Sarno is still seeing and healing patients at age 82 because he has a success rate of 90% or more, and his groundbreaking discoveries as to the root of most chronic pain over the last thirty years have completely healed tens of thousands of his patients. And millions of more have healed themselves just by reading his books; Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection, and The Mindbody Prescription: Healing the Body, Healing the Pain. I urge you to read either of these books. And if you have any doubts, go to and read some of the hundreds of reader reviews by some of the millions of those who have been healed by making the attitude changes and following the treatment methods he recommends. Many who were disabled by their pain were completely healed. Dr. Sarno believes that 90% of all back, neck, and limb pain is actually TMS (tension myositis syndrome), including fibromyalgia, tendonitis, and other equivalents, and can be rapidly healed by his methods. I know that many of you will be skeptical, as I was when I first heard of TMS, but my studies have shown that it is real, and that Dr. Sarno's treatment methods work. He was on 20/20 in 1999 after healing John Stossel of 20 years of chronic pain, and that segment is still available on the internet. I have nothing to do with him except that I have studied TMS intensively recently in order to help my wife, who has been in chronic pain for over four years, to heal. And I believe that news of his success in healing chronic back pain needs to be given to everyone who might benefit from it. The medical community has practically ignored him and his success in this field because his simple methods would cut deeply into the back pain and chronic pain industries on which people spend billions of dollars each year. Best of healing to you all, Leonard


Jane - August 28

thank you for taking the time to type out that post. I have also mentioned Dr Sarno's work on this site before. Sometimes the reaction is not what one would hope for. I am on my way to healing, having improved my CMPS & FM by 75% and still getting better everyday. I hope so much that your words inspire someone to reach out & explore this option. It has changed my life. If you do not want to invest in a copy of his book for financial reasons or you are unsure, you can always borrow a copy from your local library for free. that is what I did. I also used the books on tape from there as well. what do you have to lose? when I started getting better I wanted to save the world from this pain. so I still come here now & then to drop a seed. I have been attacked by some & thanked by others. if it helps only one of you, it's been worth it. be well..... Jane :)


Jessica - August 29

Hi Leonard. Is your wife feeling better now after this info was made available to her? did she have fibromyalgia?


Poppy - August 29

is this the same thing as the briquets posting?


Tom - September 2

The majority of chronic physical pains are the result of a condition in the muscle and nerve tissues that is induced by inner tension. Although it is generally accepted that emotional stress can increase existing back pain, cause an ulcer or intensify a headache, the concept being presented here is that your thoughts and emotions, including your repressed emotions are causing your physical pain symptoms. It means that emotional factors have initiated and or are maintaining your pain. This is what is happening. Your body's going through a physiological change that has been induced by psychological factors. Most if not all of this activity is occurring at the subconscious level, meaning below your awareness. The real exciting aspect of this disorder, is that just by knowing this pain disorder dynamic is taking place, it begins to go away. Your physcial pain begins to vanish!


Tom - September 2

In these pain disorders the symptoms are not attributed to mechanical or physical dysfunctions. The symptoms are induced by a person's feelings, mental activity, personality and their subconcious state. Emotions and mental activity that generate physical pain are fear, anger, guilt, worry, resentment, judging and jealousy. It has been found that people who are highly likely to create this type of pain as being similar to the Type A personality. Some of these characteristics are: Having a strong inner drive for success. Being very conscientious.Having a high sense of responsibility.Being a perfectionist. Having a controlling and compulsive personality. These traits interact with stressful life situations, which, then initiates the physical pain cycle. Our mind, as a defense strategy, will repress emotional energy deep into the subsconscious so that we will not be aware of these feelings or experience them. It's this repression that causes our inner emotional energy to become stuck, blocked and stored. It is no longer moving and communicating in a balanced way. Our nervous system responds to these blockages by selectively restricting blood flow to muscle and nerve tissue. Less blood flow means less oxygen to the tissue, which causes the pain symptoms we feel.


Tom - September 2

Laboratory research as shown us that our emotions are unified with our mind and our body in one intelligent system. Biochemical messengers, (peptides and receptors) have been discovered in our major systems. Research shows that they communicate with each other through a complex network of conscious and unconscious actions that are occurring simultaneously through our body and our mind. Because of this we know that our body is not a non-thinking piece of equipment, but that our mind and body are united into one--bodymind. With this information known we can better understand how this defense strategy can take place. Our intelligent bodymind is trying to protect us. It is using the strategy of pain to shield us from feeling unpleasant emotions by having us focus our attention on the pain symptoms and not on our emotions that are impatiently waiting to be experienced. We know that this phenomenon is indeed happening because by our learning that this strategy is being used our intelligent bodymind ceases to use it. Our mind knows that we have uncovered this deceptive plan and the pain strategy is defeated, it is rendered useless and goes away!


Tom - September 2

I'd love to see some people out here heal instead of being all wrapped up in their symptoms. that is all I see out here... symptom talk....... the longer you focus on it the sicker you will get. take it from me, I have healed myself..... what do you have to lose? your life..................


Denny - September 2

I just read this and would like to know where/how to begin? I think it makes a lot of sense. thanks.


Kathy - September 3

Please read my 3 long responses that I posted under the fibro and anxiety,,,taking a poll question.


barbar - December 18

Hey, Can you let us know how you're doing with this?



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