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Yay and thank you!!!
8 Replies
Amyloo - September 22

Hi all, I have been reading this site for several months, but never posted. I am really happy to see the changes (login, etc.) Thank you to all who made it happen. God bless, Amy


barbar - September 22

This is really great!! Now maybe we can leave all that other stuff behind and focus on the FMS. All is great and wonderful except I misspelled my name when registering and I will from now forevermore be missing an 'a'!


BrandyO - September 22

Well it took me awhile but I finally figured it out. I'm happy with the changes so a little frustration getting on is no big deal. I had to add the O at the end of my original name because they said someone was already using Brandy. Who ever was responsible for making the changes, I also thank you! And keep on posting Amy, we all wecome your input.


admin - September 22

thanx a bunch


Lynne-FT - September 22

Me too now maybe we can get focused on why we are all here. Thanks


Virg - September 22

Hi to you all. I won't forget you have an
a in Barbara. Do you like to be called Barb or are they taken? BrandyO - gotta
love it. Welcome Amy, HI Lynne.
It sure is wonderful.


JJ1 - September 23

Yea. This was really needed. And I like that you have to use a real e-mail address to register. Hopefully we have a modertor too to ensure the Terms are adhered to.


honora2929 - September 23

Hi i have been watching this site for a while but didnt want to join because of all that awful stuff .I am a newbie with thirty years of fibro ,started when i was 18.


BrandyO - September 23

Hi Honora , I two have suffered a long time. I started with my fibro symptoms when I was 12 and now I am 52. Can't believe I made it this far, lol. They say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I liked to punch the person that originally said that in the nose! To a certain degree I guess it's true tho, we get through one day at a time and before you know it, here we are. I just want to say that having a place to vent in peace helps, thank you all being the caring compassionate people you all are. Soft hugs to everyone!



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