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yawn yawn yawn!!!
8 Replies
peachmelba - November 6

hi everyone, is it me or does anyone just have day's when your constantly yawning. for the last few day's i've done nothing but yawn or take a sigh and it feels like i still dont have enough air in my lungs. i would appreciate any feedback only i find it rather stressful.


Fantod - November 6

People with Fibromyalgia (FMS) tend to be shallow breathers. That may be why you are yawning and sighing a lot. Your body is probably trying to take in more oxygen. Try to make a concerted effort to take deeper breaths and that may solve the problem. Take care.


chefbeth - November 6

That's interesting! I sigh quite a bit, and it provides relief - it also helps me relax. My husband will ask why I am sighing, as if I am frustrated. I just say no, I just felt like sighing - taking in oxygen.


mm30 - November 6

i get that too chefbeth. i also find that if im getting myself stressed singing helps open my lungs and get a burst of oxygen ( bad news for by standers) but definately lifts heavyness from chest


Noca - November 6

You are prolly breathing through your chest and not your stomach. Try stomach breathing as its much better.


HerRoyalHighness - November 8

Yes, I am finding more and more that I am yawning an awful lot, all through the day. It's embarrassing. Never considered the shallow breathing theory... hmmmm...


sleepingin91 - November 8

I am a repeat offender of yawning a lot. I find it is worse in cars for some reason. At the extreme I can be yawning once every minute or so! It can be very annoying.
I know that I am not a shallow breather because I used to be a trumpet player and learnt very on how to breathe with my stomach.
It is so frustrating to be constantly yawning because it looks like I am not paying attention or am bored when really I am quite engaged or interested!!


slb71 - November 8

i too yawn all day long most days. and it can be very embarrassing AND annoying. i am in sales and have 11 employees so it looks bad for me to be yawning all day!!

mm30--i know what you mean about the singing because i sing with my daughter in the mornings taking her to school & i'm not yawning then!! never made the connection till now!


Auvonto - November 8

yep all the time for years now. good grief some times i feel like i just cant get enough air. like its not completing the yawn cycle. does that make sense?



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