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Writing and Spelling
23 Replies
tnichel - December 21

I've noticed even before my diagnosis, that I was having a hard time typing. I often leave out words or mispell them which is scary for me b/c I've always been a great speller and writer. I am a news producer and that requires top notch writing and spelling skills. So now I'm considering changing careers b/c of my inability some days to catch spelling mistakes and missed words. I've even posted things on this site and when I read what I wrote the next day I would find tons of errors. Does anyone else have this problem? I also noticed it's very hard for me to write b/c pens are so thin and my hands ache a lot. I'm tired of feeling like an idiot on the internet. lol.


JJ1 - December 21

I have the same problem. I am a professional engineer and spend most of my days writing techncial reports or communicating with clients via e-mail. Thank goodness for spell check, that catches some of my problems. What is bad is sometimes I write the wrong word. It can be spelled write, but just totally out of context the wrong word. I feel like an idiot. Public speaking is also part of my job and the wrong word problem is a big issue as well as often not being able to find the right word. Sometimes I just slow down a bit and definitely proof read everything I write. I tend not to do that here, thus tons of typos on message boards.


JJ1 - December 21

OK, now I proof after posting. I said "spelled write" instead of "spelled right". ugh


Wycklochness - December 21

I must say I have the same problem, and am constantly checking my spelling when I type. Its sometimes worse when I am taking a message from someone. Even I cannot read my own writing sometimes and as for the right word....but I think its like my brain is going faster than my hand. Weird but I am in your group there. It's all about slowing down like JJ1 says, and proff reading. Cheers


Wycklochness - December 21

Sorry I didn't proof read. One mistake! See if you can find it!


JJ1 - December 22

proff reading, lol. :-)


Wycklochness - December 22

Hey JJ1. Well done. See at least we know we can really spell! Cheers


jacobea - December 22

I have still not been dianosed, but am being referred at long last. I have noticed that i too muck up my writing alot now, usually by missing out words, misspelling and repeating them and even going as far as to forget to finish a sentence. If i proof-read read my college essays and my novels in progress, i always miss the mistakes. I used to do editing for friends and be very good at spelling, but now i struggle just doing my own schoolwork.

With the pens-i find fine-tipped felt tip sorts help, as they are thicker bodied and you need not press so hard for the ink to come out.


LindaQ - January 2

Have always had this cognative symptom with my fibro. Also could not read and remember. All that has been better too since taking the turmeric ( it is good for brain function and blood vessel health). I can read books again without rereading the previous days chapters and get through them. And the Fibro fog is better too. I know mine is worse when the seretonin levels are bad but then all the fibro things are when it is off .
This year was a hard year stress wise, probably one of my worst in my life and so I was having new symptoms that I had never had before, scared me. But was all my fibro flaring out of control because of the stress. Thank God still for dictionaries and spell check though still!


maryem - March 6

Hi,tnichel I am the same I had a photographic memory for words in general and spelling These short sentences have taken me ages to write . I too feel a fool and angry at times,





Bibbie - March 12

I spend a lot of time on a computer and have now learnt to double check everything I have to send out. Not only do I have trouble writing and spelling I also mix up words or cannot find the correct word in my head to answer questions. It becomes extremely frustrating when you are trying to have a conversation with somebody and you sit there trying to express yourself and end up starting all over again so that you can be understood.


Tia33 - March 16

I am like that the Fibro's I know are all like it I do my letters the wrong way round, I miss out to. I have to go through what I have written I once was asked are you dislexic oh wow I cant spell that no I am not. I have to laugh or I would cry. I feel for those of you whose profession is writing and typing xxx


afl1 - March 22

I thought it was just me. I am a travel agent and have to go back 3 and 4 times on anything I type or write Yes there are days I can not hold a pen or silverware because my hand hurts so much or I do not have the strength to keep a good hold on it..


chloe3 - March 26

Hi. I am new to this website and I hate to say this, but I'm actually happy to see that so many of you also have this problem. I thought I was simply going out of my mind. I've always had careers that have relied upon my excellent verbal and written communication skills. I have found in the last year and a half or so that my writing, spelling, and typing skills are somewhat impaired. It seems to have happened "all at once," or so fast that I have "noticed" my problem. I also have quite a problem with finding the correct words I want to use--I simply go "blank." I am a writer, so this is significant. I have begun playing word games on the internet to help me with these problems. I also frequently visit dictionary websites to aid in my spelling, as well as utilize the thesaurus in order to jog my memory. I am also teaching myself another language. Believe it or not, these things do help, but I suspect this will be an ongoing problem for which I will need to constantly "exercise my brain" in order to cope.


Wonka - March 31

I have bookmarked a dictionary site for easy access. I just lose words all the time. I take it in stride. It's all part of my brain fog (celiac, fibro and anemia - I tend to do things in 3's - I also have 12 year old triplets - why do one when you can do 3 I say). I love it when I have an occasional brilliantly clear day, I enjoy every moment of it because they are so infrequent.


dmgvn101 - April 7

I was so relieved to read that other people have had similar experiences with spelling etc. I too have always been good at academia generally and spelling in particular but since having fibromyalgia I have had a lot of trouble in this area. One of the worst things is mis-reading words all the time & having to go back and reread chapters because it hasn't 'sunk in' or I don't understand what I have just read. I have really struggled and had to put my postgrad course on hold for the moment - I had a really bad time when in a lab session I couldn't remember how to construct a graph - I knew I knew how to do it but couldn't get it down onto the paper. It was humiliating!



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