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Wrap around
8 Replies
Stephanie417 - October 6

For any of you with pain in back or ribs..does it ever wrap around to the front.. on the stomach ?... and how long does anti inflamatory meds take to start working?..typicallly anyway..


Louise1959 - October 6

Hi Steph, I have pain in my ribs too. this is due to trigger points in my case. Yes, absolutely the pain can wrap around to the front. all the postural muscles that hold you up in the back are working just as hard in the front. trigger points are famous for pain referral. its what they do! send the pain to a different area, that is why they can be so hard to treat. try not to worry, even though I know it hurts.


maleighamylove - October 6

anti-inflamatory drugs can take several days to get into your system depending on which type you take. The best thing to do would be to look up your particular one on the net and see what they tell you about it. Some have to build up in the system and take about a week, and it may take up to 2 weeks to get the whole effect.


TERESA - October 7

Stephanie, are you taking prescription anti-inflamatories? If you are & yoou have a sensative stomach, be sure to take them with food ( I prefer yogurt )!


Stephanie417 - October 7

teresa.. yes.. relefen.. and yeah, the warnings were scary enough !!.. im trying to follow all the directions closely !!!


Janie - October 9

I agree with Louise. If your pain is due to fibro or myofascial trigger points (common causes of this type of rib/chest pain) there is NO point in taking the NSAIDS because "inflamation" is not the problem... there isn't any! Its like taking antibiotics for a viral infection when your infection is bacterial, its pointless. I was prescribed anti-inflamatories for the first few years of my chest/rib pain... I experienced intermittent relief which was placebo effect I assume, other than that it only made me sick to my stomach. Unless you have an ACUTE injury (not chronic) & have pulled something these drugs will do nothing. I know you mentioned a chiropractor before, they tend to make big promises & require constant visits.... they mean well, but I have sunk thousands of dollars into chiro adjustments & nothing helped like a simple tennis ball rolling on the floor or a massage from a specialist. adjusting the spine does not banish fibro or TPs. As for the NSAIDS it is common for doctors to dole them out to patients complaining of pain because there is really nothing else they can do. be careful with those 'burn a hole' in your tummy drugs.... if they don't resolve your pain & REALLY work....STOP TAKING THEM!!!


Janie - October 9

Please see my detailed posts about CMP: Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome on the thread called "Fatigued" by Stephanie. CMP & FMS often occur together, many doctors do not even distinguish between the two... this is important information that can ease your mind & serioulsy improve your quality of life. How I wish that someone would have pointed me in the this direction 5 years ago, Its not a cure, but GOD, does it ever help... http://www.triggerpointbook


Stephanie417 - October 10

Janie.. thanks for the insight.. you are right. im going on three weeks at the chiro.. no better, no worse.. plus I have been taking the anti success there either.. The problem with me Janie, as Ive mentioned before is that I am always afraid of the worst, I feel like if nothing has helped than it must be something horrible. . But what you are talking about seems pretty accurate.. I will check out the site you refer to !.. thanks !


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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