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Would my recent surgery have exacerbated my fibro pain
28 Replies
valjoy - March 24

Dear Jocelyn, That would be good if you could give me the name of the toothpaste, I get a bit lost on all of these posts and would never find it so that would be good. I wonder if you can get it in Australia? Also thank you for mrsboltons gmail address, I shall write to her. Have a good day. valjoy.


Jocelyn - March 26

Okay the name of the prescription for mouth sores is. IC TRIAMCINOLONE 0.1% Paste.

Drug Maker is: TARO

And it is considered a dental paste.


bluesbrrd - April 11

I completely agree with January and Jocelyn on the pharmaceuticals! Lyrica and Cymbalta are just one big experiment on the population, as far as I'm concerned. Neither did me any good. I only take generics which have been proven safe over decades of use.

It's also good to take the mechanical approach to body issues, before the pharmeceutical one! Surgery is trauma - it can tighten muscles, AND ALL SURGERY LEAVES SCAR TISSUE! This is not something doctors tell you, but it can cause major problems. A good physical therapist or massage person can help stretch and break up scar tissue after surgery. It can pinch or encapsulate nerves and tendons, which is not a good thing!

I had four abdominal surgeries in about three years, from endometriosis. It took me YEARS to recover from that. But the endometriosis does a lot of internal damage on it's own, which is a little differnt from surgeries that just remove an organ or replace something. But people act like surgery is no big deal, and after a week you're supposed to be completely back to normal - NOT!!


Nuschler - August 11

Orthopedic surgeons now feel that there must be a compelling reason for any joint replacement for a person with FMS!! In other words if you just have pain but no changes on MRI or x-rays DO NOT HAVE SURGERY as this will make your FMS worse!
It would be interesting to know if you just had pain or there were definite changes on radiology exams. Many surgeons are unaware of this recent change in surgery...but at the last orthopedics conference I was at, a speaker made a big point of telling surgeons to leave FMS patients alone unless their joints had completely worn out. Just the general anesthesia can make FMS much worse.


Nuschler - August 11

Another terrible side effect of Lyrica is significant suicidal ideation. I had a colleague put a patient on Lyrica and she planned her suicide within a week of taking Lyrica. She filed an "adverse medical reaction" with the FDA. Now if you watch the commercial for Lyrica it mentions this suicide ideation. This woman almost committed suicide and had no idea what was happening to her. she stopped the Lyrica and was okay within a few days.

**Regarding "ulcer" on side of tongue...This is called stomatitis and is usually caused by lack of B vitamins. It could also be follow up with your doctor..PLEASE!


Jocelyn - August 12

Thank you for all the above information, you are right on. I had to have two surgery's within a short period of time. I burst a cervical disk in my neck and I had my gallbladder out. My Rheumy was very careful to watch how I responded after each surgery. He wrote to the surgeon's to make sure they knew my situation. After each surgery, I felt like I was run over by a truck. I was lucky, I did recover at a normal pace and was able to return to work within the normal amount of time.

As far as the dental paste, yes, people should see their doctors for any sore, including mouth sores. This is a prescription so you have to go to a doctor to obtain this medication. Mouth sores are very common in people with auto immune diseases. I do not have a lack of vitamin B, but I am so happy you mentioned it because other people might. Every piece of information on this site is so important.

I was given Lyrica, but after reading the side effects, decided not to take it. I was in a lot of pain and I worked with my physical therapist and he helped me though the horrible pain with brutal deep muscle massage and laser treatments. I know this does not work for everyone and it is very painful, but the results were very positive and it kept me off of many very dangerous drugs.

Thanks for the info and stay well!


kagicre - March 27

Hello everybody,

Like some of you I had surgery. I broke my ankle on Jan. 11th, very bad break they said and I needed surgery on Jan. 14th. I can walk now without "the boot" - I didn't had a cast - since 2 weeks and since 2 days ago my pain is so bad, that I was thinking today I need my walker (or crutches) again. Than I remembered my knee surgery 30 years ago, and I had a lot of pain and my doctor said "You can't have pain there" - I guess it was unusual, and I was really pissed off and told him: Is it my pain or yours! I changed doctors then. I have to tell though, that was when I lived in Germany (I am German) and had great health insurance. Now I live in the US since 8 years and have no health insurance, what makes my life real difficult. Especially now I have also I ton of medical bills on top of everything else.
Anyway, I remembered that I had far more pain after that knee operation (nobody knew about fibromyalgia then) and now it is real bad too. Sucks, but I also remember, in the end it was getting better, but I can't remember, how long it took. Shoot....
I am quite good in managing my fibro on a daily bases - o.k., I don't have a choice - but now, it is real bad, the pain, the fatigue, the depressions. But I know there are other peoples there, that know what I am talking about and it helps a bit. My husband doesn't really understand, he tries to, but he can't.
So, yes, after surgery life can be really painful, but it does get better, it just takes a long time.... weeks, months or even more. I don't know.
I wouldn't take Lyrica, though, because I have most side effects anyway, the once they have to tell you in the commercials. And I tried quite a bit of different stuff over time - while I live in Germany with health insurance - and only very few helped.
I took Oxycontin after surgery and it helped in the beginning, I still have a few tablets left and they don't do much anymore. That's how I know my fibro is real bad at the moment in my ankle - and the rest of my body.
Thank you for listening.


January - April 7

Hi kagicre -- I'm so sorry to hear you are having a lot of pain after hurting your ankle. It's much harder when you're older to go through injuries like you have - walking on crutches is hard! It throws your whole body out of alignment, I think, and makes your muscles hurt all over!

I'm not sure if you had surgery on your ankle or not - but if you did have surgery and the pain is still terrible at the surgery site, please check with your doctor to make sure you don't have a little infection there. Hopefully you are getting some physical therapy to help you get back on your feet.

I agree with you about not taking Lyrica - it tends to cause weight gain, and that makes walking even harder! I hope you can get some kind of help while you are going through this painful recovery. Try to eat healthy and keep trying! Wishing you the best.


kagicre - April 7

Thank you for your kind reply, January.
Yeah, I had surgery, on both sides of my ankle. I have now 5 scars on my left leg (I had 3 surgeries on my knee too a long time ago). No scars on my right leg, though :-)
I don't think I have an infection or so, just extra pain because of my fibromyalgia. After all the years I am having fibro I know when it is pain due to fibromyalgia or not and this feels like fibro pain. And yes, my body hurts so much, because I am totally out of wack when I walk I realized a few days ago that I pull my shoulders up. Have to learn to relax them even walking "funny". And, yes I stay away from Lyrica, don't need extra weight, I have already some extra anyway. Pain sucks, but I have forgotten how it feels living without pain anyway. Maybe one day.... I will try Reiki soon.


January - April 9

Having extra pain always sucks, no matter what causes it. I hope you feel better soon. It's good to keep trying new things - maybe one day, you'll find something that works for you! :)


FrankieBeee - June 6

I had a total knee replacement 2 years ago and it has exacerbated my fibormyalgia pain particularly in the knee where I had the original op. There are times when I can barely walk on it. The knee has been checked out and the joint is fine. I go through a cycle of stiffness coming on suddenly in that knee followed by chronic even acute pain around that area, with tender spots on the inside of the knee. It can last for a few days and the pain is horrendous. I've begun wearing a 'back on track' knee support which really helps when the pain and instability is bad -pain will also extend down my calf and up through to my backside. It sometimes feels like I was back where I was just home from the op in a lot of pain and difficulty walking. I have since found an academic paper that confirms this but another doesn't. It is affecting my life now more than before I had the TKR as the pain prevent some from working and exercising my dogs or even leisure activities on days when the FM pain hits my knee


SparklyG48 - October 12

Hello All !

So happy to read your replies here for a multitude of reasons.

I just had back to back procedures within 4 days of each other. Yesterday was the endoscopy with biopsies of my throat, esophogus, stomach, and small intestine. In addition to the fact that the doc found ulcers, I'm waiting for the biopsy results.

I'm two weeks out from having a thyroidectomy because I have thyroid cancer. More specifically nodules that are cancerous so they are taking it out. Oddly, after the biopsy of my thyroid, I didn't particularly find that I had suffered a flare. But that was during the summer time. I had it done in June and although it was plenty painful and traumatic, I didn't really notice anything different till today. I'm feeling as though I'm having a major flare up from the procedure yesterday. I'm aching all over, throat is swollen and hurts, chest and back is killing me, and my knees and legs are aching so bad I can't move.

I had wondered if surgery can, in fact, trigger a flare because it is trauma to the body. I'm of the opinion that it can. That and I probably am having a reaction to the anesthesia they used to put me under. Like most FM patients, I'm hyper senstive to medications and can only tolerate certain ones that work for me.

I'm miserable today and home from work. I thought I would have been ok, but I feel like I got hit by a truck. My daughter is getting married in three days and I'm worried I'm going to be in agony for her wedding.

So happy to have found this board and hoping someone will respond!


valjoy - October 13

Yes surgery can give you a major flare up, just rest and hopefully you might feel a lot better in a couple of days for your Daughter's wedding. Good Luck.



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