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Would I have Fibro?
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kaledrina - November 28

I don't have health insurance and make $150/week so seeing a doctor outside of what my attorneys are offering is out of the question atm.

Anyways. 1.5years ago someone rearended me at 30-40mph and I was at a complete stop. Due to the nature of the accident I also hit the person in front of me which ended up causing 4 cars total involved, mine was totaled.

I immediately got an attorney (thanks mom!) and saw chiropractic immediately. At first they were treating mostly whiplash related pain. Except the doctor was overzealous at first and I went home in pain every treatment for a month before I finally questioned. Eventually after 4 months I was feeling great and the doctor let me go ahead and stop treatment. (I wish he would have counseled me otherwise)

A year after that, I contacted my attorney again. My back and neck were killing me. The pain was pretty constant but still bearable. They recommended me to a different chiropractor - I feel now he was a very bad doctor. He didn't take X-rays, saying they would hurt my accident case, and started popping things in ways that caused searing pain through my shoulders down to both elbows. I told him I didn't like it but he continued anyways. I'm lucky they only gave a letter of protection for 4 treatments.

I sought another treatment center, now being in constant pain 24/7 and really touchy/moody/grumpy because I wasn't sleeping enough. Well, I'd sleep for 10-12 hours but still feel exhausted from waking up 1mil times to readjust. They took x-rays and my neck has lost curvature, my spine is crooked to the right, and my left hip is higher than the left.

A couple treatments later the pain is just unbearable. I paid out of pocket for a massage and had a miraculous 4 days without any pain other than a mild pinch in my back. Then it started coming back... At this point the pain is 24/7, nonstop. I'm not sleeping well at all, I'm super depressed, and the pain just won't go away no matter what way I try to sleep. My skin doesn't have any problems, just dry (normal for me), no discoloration on my back. It doesn't feel tender to the touch unless its a firm touch. The only place it feels tender is where one bone is particularly out of place, wonderfully right where my bra strap clasp hits.

Is it possible this is fibro? Chiropractic sends me home in tears, again, and this time its a lady with a gentle touch treating me. I'm debating though since I have an obvious root to the problem but the muscles refuse to relax. I'm only 20 years old and I can't even go to a movie theater with my boyfriend anymore..


islandguy - November 29

kaledrina : Wow what a whirlwind you are in for a young person. It does not sound like you have any fibro issues at the moment but that doesn't mean that they are not yet to come. Some people claim to have fibro from incidents such as yours. Keep on trying to eliminate all other possibilities and if you still feel like you have all the fibro symptoms you are going to somehow go to see a rheumatologist. I feel your hurts as I am sure they are close to unbearable. You must find some way to seek some medical attention to address some of these issues. Good luck...and take care.



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