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Would hormone treatment help?
2 Replies
lizbet - April 25

Ive recently been wondering if perhaps hrt would help with my symptoms. Im 55yrs old and went thru the change at 49 but still have really bad hot flushes, mood swings and the most awful depression. I know these symptoms are also the same as fibro but I have also had several post menopausal bleeds and more or less constant period type abdo pain. Ive had all relevant tests and all thankfully were negative. Ive been on the net and read that lo progesterone levels can cause
these and all other fibro type symptoms. The thing is I am very overweight and put weight on ridiculously easily and just know if I go on hormone treatment I will put weight on. If I ask my doc Im sure he will put me on hrt and even putting weight on would be worth it if it helped my symptoms. Im wondering if anyone has had similar problems with hormone imbalance etc.


axxie - April 26

Hi lizbet,

I have been on hrt forever, and just stop I'm 52. I was on hormones for the past three decades. On off, on off, sort of routine. I opted for the transdermal patch at the lowest level and work with my gyno to get the right dose. As for the progesterone, try the cream, so that none of the hormones go through your liver. That way you will have less problems and you should not see that much of a weight gain, if any.

As for the symptoms, everyone is different, but I would bet, that your outcome in life would be more positive, that translate to hurting less?

Go see the gyno and see what they say ?

Good luck to you and let us know what the outcome is.


lizbet - April 27

Thanks axxie, Ive been thinking about the progesterone cream. You're right about positive attitude being helpful with pain etc. I feel quite 'up' today and am having the best day ive had in over a week. I'll see doc and get something sorted. This sites so good and im so glad I found it. Its nice to know Im not on my own with all of this although Im so sorry for everyone else whos struggling with fibro. Its so informative as well with everyone giving their advice and experiences. Take Care x



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