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JOEGIRL - February 18

I exercised all my life until I got this curse, fibro. I miss it so much. I jogged and had a workout room and used it every day. Now I just walk and I do that slow. Somwtimes I wonder if working out might have brought this on. I always thought exercise keeps you healthy.My dr. said he has never met a lazy person with fibro. I feel lazy now sometimes when I just can't get this body to move.I still refuse to give up. I will at least keep walking even if it is slow but I sure would like to start running again. I know those days are gone. What kind of exercises are good to do without bringing on more pain?
My dr. says I'm in denial... Maybe he is right but I just have been too active all my life to stop doing some type of workout.


13tracy13 - February 18

I love Yoga, I have never been an active person, but I was trying to concieve when I found out Fibro was what was causing my pain and fatigue. Because of trying to get pregnant, I couldn't take any of the meds used to treat Fibro, my only options were exercise, rest and tylenol.
It is so hard to exercise, you have to push through the exhaustion, but then if you push yourself too far you'll have a flare up. For me yoga is low intensity so the pain is not bad, and it teaches relaxation which is especially good in the evenings before bed.
My Dr also recommended water exercise.


JOEGIRL - February 24

13tracy13, Exactly what is Yoga? Is it streching exercises? I feel crazy for not knowing what it really is when I have heard of it all my life but not know what it is.
My dr said water exercise is good but I can't afford to go to a gym and I don't have a pool. Would be nice tho.
I know all about over doing exercise and getting a flare.That will slow me down real fast.I just keep trying to stay active as I can without over doing it but sometimes on a 'good day' I get carried away. You would think I would have learned my lesson by now. Just hard to give up I guess.


momerath42 - March 1

I love yoga too! In the past weight training has helped me as well.. but you have to be really careful to not overdue, especially when starting out (I overdid 2 weeks ago and have finally recovered).


KKRenee - March 6

I do Pilates and I find that it works pretty well for me, I'm able to do it 3-4 times a week, on a good week anyway. There are good workouts that can be done, but getting the motivation when in pain is the hard part.
Good luck


geegee - March 6

I was told that swimming in a heated pool works wonders. Someone I met recently has fibro and she says almost all her pain is gone because she swims alot. She also works at the pool so she has full access. She has had fibro for 20 yrs. She says she is not on any meds, all she does is swim.
Wish I could do that.


Fantod - March 6

Tai Chi is recommended for fibromyalgia. It gives a very good low intensity workout and also addresses the stress level. You can find a DVD for beginners and do it at home. Take care.


axxie - March 6

Some weeks, I feel the pain, it's so bad that I can't do anything. I walk and I might add very slowly now, since FMs. There are times I'm so exhausted that I can't move, the only thing I want to do is veg, but I force myself to move even it's just walking at the mall, it helps. If you can get to a sauna, you will feel a difference it warms you up and you can exercise better. If you can't afford a gym membership, you can always to stretching in your shower with the hot water cascading on your body. I feel it's helps and I can get going.


JOEGIRL - March 8

Today was nice and warm and I went for a walk.. Sure felt good but tonight I am feeling it in the back of my neck but not too bad. Guess I will try to walk again tomorrow. Can't keep a good woman down. LOL
Hope all are having a good night



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