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ladybug2007 - July 15

OK so I missed another day of work. I am not sure how long I will be able to continue this masquerade. No one understand Fibro so it is like she is just no wanting to go to work. I was hurting so bad Wed. and Thurs this week and when I went to sleep Thurs around 9:30pm I did not get up till Friday evening at 6:30pm. My pain is now mild compared to what it was only in the neck and shoulder area. I cannot afford to loose my job!I don't know how much more I can take. I am only 41 and the only one working in my home. I also need the insurance. I just don't know what to do at this point.


Pikespeak - July 15

Are you seeing a doctor for your FMS? What meds are you taking? Are you sitting at a desk all day? Do you like your job? Fill us in!


ladybug2007 - July 16

Let's see I have fibro, high cholesterol, anxiety/depression and hypothyroidism. I take two meds for the cholesterol, savella, my thyroid med, estradiol, and ultram. Of course I also take melatonin and 5HTP for sleep, magnesium, CoQ10, Omega and vitamins. I see my DR for cholesterol every three months. Fibro is NOT on my Dr's radar for treatment other than try this, try this sorry don't know what else to give you. I have not been given any of the stronger meds for my pain. As for my job, I absolutely love it and i do sit all day but get up about every 30 minutes because I need to move. I do go see a Rheumatologist and I was just diagnosed with sleep apnea. I am a complete mess.


ladybug2007 - July 16

Sorry my first appointment with the Rheum is this week. I hope this DR will give me something stronger.


kvc33 - July 16

Are you going to get a CPAP machine for your sleep apnea? You may find that once you are getting better sleep your pain and exhaustion improve a lot. I have even heard of people being misdiagnosed with CFS when they really just had sleep apnea.


Pikespeak - July 16

Hi Ladybug. Thanks for the additional info! You and I take similar meds/supplements. I also sm sold on D-Ribose, which has been recommended by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. If you can locate a copy, read his book, FROM FATIGUED TO FABULOUS. Very enlightening!

I also take Flexeril in the evening (muscle relaxant) when I feel extra-tight. It does make me groggy in the morning, so I would suggest taking it after dinner/supper when you don't plan to drive anywhere.

Have you thought about biofeedback or self-hypnosis? That helps me to relax...Here's hoping you feel better tomorrow!


Pikespeak - July 16

CORRECTION: Teitelbaum's book is entitled FROM FATIGUED TO FANTASTIC.


ladybug2007 - July 16

Sleep Dr is working on my sleep apnea treatment. I hope it helps with the fatigue and the pain. I almost went to the emergency room for a shot of something but the last time I went they would not give me anything. Looked at me like I was a druggie or something. So this time i just went to sleep crying in misery taking more tramadol and woke up so sore.. hot bath and recliner with a book then back to bed till this morning. I am much better today. Thank goodness!!!


January - July 16

ladybug - please check with your pharmacist about taking 5-HTP while you are taking Savella. I believe these two together can cause serotonin syndrome…? That can be serious. Really don't think you should be using these together - but ask.

Usually, hypothyroid people are slowed down and tend towards depression more than anxiety -- so ask if one of your meds might be causing the anxiety? Or maybe you need to adjust them. I'd be looking at side effects and interactions of these meds to start with - that could be a piece of the problem for you. A good website for information about drugs in peoplespharmacy - it's run by pharmacists. You can ask questions.

As for the sleep you mentioned in the first paragraph - I went on vacation with an "active" person, and 3 days in collapsed. I slept for a night, a day and another night! (not cool!) Then I went back to pushing myself. So I got home with a weird virus that took me several months to get over. It was then I began to "get it" that I could no longer do things like a normal person.

I tried Flexeril and felt like I was extremely drunk. Couldn't walk straight! Didn't work for me. LOL!

Good luck with finding the right treatment for your pain and sleep. Took me a long time of experimenting - but I learned that if you have tried a drug for 3 months and still feel rotten, try something else, and also, try to keep it simple. The more drugs, the more possibility of interaction problems. Glad you are taking Co Q10, as the cholesterol meds deplete that (and they can make you hurt also) - as you probably know. Best of luck feeing better.


ladybug2007 - July 17

Thanks January about the 5HTP, I will check it out. I actually hate having to take drugs and my DR said don't you think you are taking too much? I said yes but I have to have them. He started looking over each one and said well I guess we can't take any away so I'm not going to add any. Basically just suffer. I just wish I had something to help with the break through pain. I hurt everyday but NOT like the almost and sometimes unbearable pain I felt this week. I know we are all struggling to find our answers it is just nice that we at least understand.


January - July 17

ladybug - best place to check out all your drugs is with your pharmacist! Hopefully a PhD in Pharmacy, NOT a clerk. The doctors really do NOT have to know about all the side effects and interactions. Many just go by what the drug reps tell them. Decades ago, I took a fairly sophisticated class in Pharmacology - it was mostly full of nursing students - and the prof kept saying "YOU have to learn this stuff because the doctors don't have to!" I find it hard to believe that someone can become an MD without knowing pharmacology in depth -- but that is really what the professor kept saying!

I started checking with a PhD pharmacist several years ago, and he has been an immense help to me! He knows all kinds of things doctors don't seem to know. Take in a list of everything and ask him/her to sit down with you - tell him what your problems are - and ask if there is any possibility the drugs are to blame. He may be able to suggest a different brand of drug to try, and he will definitely know more than your doctor about interactions and unusual side effects.

There's some interesting stuff online if you google "5 HTP anxiety" - apparently it's one of those things that works well for some, and badly for others! But I know it can interact with antidepressants. Feel better!


lucky13 - July 18

Ladybug, hopefully now that you will be seeing a Rheumatologist, you'll recieve proper treatment for your FMS. Don't go in there thinking you need stronger pain meds to function, what you need is proper treatment for FMS. Treating the sleep apnea so you can sleep better is a big first step.Next is finding a med that helps with your FMS, Savella has been used for years, but it's not going to work for everyone. I personally take Cellexa and now that my Rheumatologist upped my dosage I am seeing an improvment.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing pain meds all together, I just want you to remember that just trating the pain alone will not help you overcome Fibro, you need to find treatment for the Fibro to help lesson the pain.
My Rheumatologist has also ordered me a TENS unit that should help me with my back, sholders and neck.
Heat therapy also helps with aches and pains as well, I also wear compresson gloves to help with my hand pain.

Are you in the US? If so there could be laws to help you keep your job.

Good luck on everything


ladybug2007 - July 19

I agree Lucky, I need help with my FMS with proper treatment. I hope I can get some relief of some sort. I spoke to my Dr. about my sleep apnea and told him my concerns about getting the dental appliance. He is going to try and get my insurance company to go ahead and get me the CPAP machine. I think getting some good sleep will help. It just seems like all I do lately is constantly try to figure out what i should do differently to decrease my pain. I'm just most of you probably are also trying to deal with this every minute of every day.



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