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wobly - wonky - unsteady - loosing some power to the limbs
5 Replies
axxie - January 2

How many have wonky or have a wobly or unsteady gate.

Since being diagnose with FM, I have become more wonky then before, does the gate thing stop at one point or does it get worse.

I have problems going up the stairs and some days I am so wonky, I wonder how come I have not fallen on my face. It seem to be worse in cold weather?

What kind of excercise can I do to make things better, (for all of you, I don't do water) I hate communal water, think of me like a rickety old cat.


ptalana - January 2

Hey Axxie, I hear ya I've been using a walker and wheelchair for almost a year now, I have to crawl up our stairs. I try to do a very mild form of pilates just to keep blood circulation moving. Happy new year to you and your family, hope your Christmas was wonderful and not too much for you!!!


axxie - January 2

Hey Patty, thank you so much for your warm Christmas wish. We did have a great Christmas and had a great new year party. I hope you also had a great Christmas and a nice new year.

So does it go worst, I mean, I seem to be going down the drain instead of staying the same. I crawl up the stairs, maybe it was the champagne I had yesterday!!! I drank for everyone who couldn't and it felt fine, but today I am paying the price. Oh I did dance a wee bit....

I just started to work again and I felt better working a few hours three days a week, but now that my wonky is getting worse, I'll need to rethink about working and ask for disability.


ptalana - January 2

My mobility has been worsening slowly, some days are just unbearable!! I think it has to do with the Arthritis in my hip and knees getting really bad, but who knows??? Fms does make everything just hurt so bad:(
I'm so proud of the fact that you have returned to work, but don't be too hard on yourself if it turns out to be too much for you. I really miss work, mostly my clients who have been such a support in my career,I just love them!!! As far as getting any worse, oh gosh I hope not. But I'm determined to fight for my life (my new years resolution), I realize things are different!! I just want to find a way to go on, does this make sense? As for disability, I've had to appeal as they denied my first app for benefits:( Fingers crossed that we get approved this time, I just don't get it!!! Whatever your decision is I wish you good luck.
Take care, Patty


Canada17 - January 3

axxie, alcohol certainly can have an effect on our symptoms; in fact it is included on the list of foods to avoid that my doctor gave me.

I had a bit too much on New Year's myself. I felt great that night but I haven't felt as bad as I have in the following two days since I started my elimination diet!

I noticed the next day that I have very weak muscles and even today I am having a little weakness in my legs going up stairs.

Light exercising is better than nothing. And remember, even doing housework can be exercise, you just have to be creative. Plus, you kill two birds with one stone! Great for us!

: )


axxie - January 4

Hey Canada17, notice that the white wine with dinner (2 glasses) plus one flute of champagne at midnight proved to be too much for me.

I'm getting better going up the stairs but really tired, and I almost forgot that I was not treating my body as a temple. My pernicious anemia let me know that I had problems. My mind took awhile before I figured it out, completetly forgot to inject my b-12 for the last few weeks and forgot to take, potassium, folic acide and my iron. That will take care of that, and then my fibro should get in line.



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