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winter flu or whatever
4 Replies
canadacalling - January 29

Has anyone got this terrible cold/flu that is going on up here in Ontario. It is really bad. My friend has it so nasty and his is older, and stubborn. I have booked an appointment with his doctor for Monday to check out his chest.

I have not as yet got it; but was prescribed a different kind of blood thinner - the newest one on the market and it is playing up with my gastro reflux. I feel very sick and the only way you can get some attention is to go to the E.R., my heart doctor is not in till Monday. Question, if you were in my place would you - stop the drug (because he says it is little chance of a stroke etc. anyway, and call him Monday, or if it gets worse trot down to emergency? I think I probably know the answer myself.

Hope everyone else is not laid up with this nasty bug.


Fantod - January 29

Susan - DO NOT stop the drug - you may have to be weaned off of it. Go to Emergency if you can not tolerate the side effects until Monday.

There is a terrible cold going around here too. I know two people who have had and they both ended up on antibiotics. One had two different ones and still ended up with pneumonia. She has been sick since New Years Day. Your friend does need to see the doctor. Good for you that you are insisting and have made the appointment.

Looking forward to chatting with you on Skype.


Fantod - January 30

Susan - You could also call your pharmacist and see if there is something else that is an OTC med that you can take to help out with your GERD symptoms until Monday. Feel better.


canadacalling - January 30

Thanks Fantod - for the advice You know it always is better checking out stuff, and he has a appointment on Monday. I am very lucky that I did not get this as a lot of people caught it from someone who did not have their flu shot.. We both had ours, but since he is 88 it is a lot more serious and I actually think he is more than willing to go. Went out to the show tonight to see the King's Speech, and it was really very good. Have problems sitting even show time but what you will do - Of course being British born, I enjoyed it.

Ever researched those high intensity lamps for mood? Not up with skype yet. S.


Fantod - January 30

Hi Susan - I saw The King's Speech too and loved it (I'm half British - does that count?? LOL).

And yes, I have looked at the lights for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I happen to have one that sits on my desk in my home office. I got mine from Costco which is a warehouse store. You can look on Amazon and see a good selection and user ratings. I have the Phillipsgolite Blu model. They run around $130.00. My problem is that I am usually not up early enough to use it. Like all of us, my sleep pattern is a shambles. My deep sleep cycle usually hits around 5 AM so I am not up until 9 or so. If I use the light later in the day then it makes me really hyper and I can't sleep at all. However, when I am able to use it properly, I do notice that I feel
better and less inclined to mope because of the crappy weather etc.

I hope that you are able to get your medication sorted and that your friend starts feeling better soon. That cold is very persistent so he needs to take good care of himself. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



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