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Wicked foot pain lately
3 Replies
m.e. - July 19


I was doing so well for months, but summer is upon us. Now I am getting horrible night foot pain that I never had before. My fibro started after a horrible bout of pain with plantar fasciaitis (a few years after 2 neck injuries from car accidents). Gabapentin doesn't even seem to help. I am wondering if this is neuropathy or fibro or both. Does anyone else experience this and is this part of a progression with fibro? I was hoping I was dodging the bullet to worse suffering with pain. I don't even know what the variable is that is making this worse. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and God Bless!!


fibromite.u.k. - July 19

Hi, I also get a lot of foot pain. I have had plantar fasciatis several times and the pain can be unbearable. I just have to keep off it and use a stick when I have to walk. I think it is yet another symptom of fibro as I know of others who have it. I now get terrible pain in my right big toe which is getting worse all the time. I have had it x-rayed and have been told that there is an overgrowth of bone as the joint is detireiating so it is arthritis rather than fibro in this case. I have had to have my right shoe built up for about four years now and this has meant that I can walk ok. However, over the last few months the pain has returned with a vengence even wearing the built up shoes, so I think I am going to have to see the podiatrist again. When I first saw her, she said that the only thing that would really cure it was to have an operation to fuse my big toe, but that it was a particularly painful op and I would never be able to bend my toe again after it. However, I think I am going to have to have it done as I can hardly walk now or bear the pain. Even if it is a particularly painful op, at least I will get over that and it is so painful now anyway. I don't know if not being able to bend my toe would make things more difficult. As time goes on, I just seem to be getting more and more problems. I see old ladies of over 80 walking about and able to do much more than I can and it can be overwhelming at times.


Stacey373 - July 21

Hi! I've been having a lot of foot pain lately too. it started with the bottom of my heels. I got these "knots" or something on them and then I would get this horrible pain like I was having a muscle spasm. It would only last about a minute each time, but the more I was walking, the worse it got.

that seems to have gone away, but now every morning when I wake up my heels up to my ankles are killing me and it's really hard to walk for the first couple of hours each day. it feels maybe like it's arthritis...but it doesn't make sense that it would suddenly start like this.

I thought at first it was because I was walking for exercise...but it actually didn't start until about a week after I last walked. So I have no idea what it could be. tonight I'm going to try walking again and I guess we'll see how I feel in the morning.

Hope you all have a good day, Stacey :o)


LAWANDA - July 25

i have had alot of foot pain in last month. but its the pads of my feet. really unbearable. im not sure if it has to do with fibro or something else. i am seeing a podiatrist this week



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