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Why is this Happening???
4 Replies
Stacey373 - November 19

Hi Everyone - For months I feel like I've been getting worse. I keep saying I've never felt this bad, and then I wake up and feel even worse then the day before. I think this all started when I wasn't able to sleep and the pain and problems have just progressively gotten worse since then. for a while I couldn't even remember what a "normal good day" felt like anymore.

Then I suddenly woke up one day and I felt great! I felt like I had gotten enough sleep and I had energy and very little pain. Normally when I feel good I will try to get everything done that I wasn't able to do while I was having alot of problems....this time I didn't do that. I didn't push myself and I took it easy so that I could see how long this would last. It only lasted for 4 days and then I was back down again with a major headache and since then I've been having TONS more problems. Even to the point that after I had my daughter's b-day party (which I didn't do much except I was on my foot for hours) the day after the party my back and legs hurt SO BAD that for 3 or 4 days I couldn't even walk. And I've never had these kind of problems before (at least not THIS bad)....once again...I'm feeling worse than I ever have before.

So I'm wondering if maybe what I've been going through has been some sort of "flare up" that has lasted for months? and I also don't understand why I had 4 great days for absolutely no reason. I haven't been doing anything differently or changed anything.

I saw my doctor yesterday and told her about all of the problems I've been having (and the 4 good days!) and she is now sending me to see a new doctor within her clinic to "oversee" my medication. Basically if this new doctor doesn't think I should be taking pain meds or any of my other medications....he can take me off of them. Which scares the hell out of me because it took me YEARS to find a doctor who actually believed I was in pain and I almost feel like I'm gonna have to start over with this new doctor. Does that make sense?

I'm not sure why she is suddenly sending me to see this new doctor after I told her what has been going on recently. It's like she expects me to tell her everything is going okay and I'm "maintaining." I didn't ask her for more or stronger pain meds...I just told her how I've been feeling. I sort of feel like I've said something wrong and now I'm being "punished."

So does any of this make any sense to you guys? I have come up with a hundred reasons of WHY I'm feeling worse....stress, weather, etc. But I've gone through many years of this and this is the first time I've felt this bad.

I always appreciate your opinions and suggestions....Thanks for listening to me!
Stacey :o)


Auvonto - November 19

hey stacey373I'm so sorry you are feeling bad. I dont know what to think either. as you know i had been off of my meds for weeks well i got an earlier appointment and saw the dr. i asked him about the cold medication guaifenesin so he told me to get some. well i cant wait a month in pain so i refilled my lortab and said ok i have to stick to a low dosage and see where it gets me. i took two and i felt great i dont like to take these stupid pills so i will deal with some pain but once it gets to the point where i am about to cry i take it. i almost feel like the pills made me feel worse.... go figure. but it could have been because when i feel good i start to clean and do things too. i hope you feel better stacey its hard we have to learn to take it easy. (easier said than done)when you go in to see the new dr just let him know whats going on if he doesnt listen then you may need to find someone else. im so sorry you feel bad. feel better soon


kvc33 - November 20

Hi Stacey, I think you may be jumping to conclusions about your doctor sending you to another. It could be that since you told her that you are not doing well she wants some help with your case. She may feel like she doesn't know what to do for you. I treat all my health care providers like they are my friends. If I know them well and I don't think they will be freaked out by it, I even call them dear and tell them that I love them because I do! I lost a dear chiropractor to cancer and I waited until he was in hospice to tell him that I loved him. I swore I wouldn't wait that long again with anyone else. I'm not suggesting that you do as I do, but if you don't see your doctor as a friend then you will have stress about your relationship. Just ask her why she thinks that seeing another doctor would be beneficial and always thank her for her time and her efforts. As to your fluctuating symptoms I would say that it is pretty normal to be constantly confused about this illness. There have been years where I spent months in bed just having difficulty breathing and other years where I think that I might beat this thing. It's bizarre and insane, and sadly it's our life.


toots2889 - November 20

Sorry to hear your having such a hard time right now. If it makes you feel any better, your not alone. I to am going through some bad flare ups. Its part of the great fun of having fibro. You can feel good for quite sometime and then it hits you. I can have flare ups on and off through out most of winter. I hope i was of some help, and hang in there. I look forward to the good days, so the bad days go by alittle faster. I agree about the dr. She might just want a second opinion on treating you, and to make sure shes not missing anything.


Stacey373 - November 20

Thank You everyone for your replies. Maybe you guys are right and I'm just being "overly defensive" when it comes to seeing a new doctor. I never looked at it that way....I instantly thought the worse because I've had such bad experiences with too many doctors over the years.

Maybe I am just going through some major fare ups or something. I know recently every time I think "I've got this all figured out"....the rules change on me again!

I also think I have a hard time believing this is what my life has come to. I can deal with pain and problems and the ups and downs...but to know that I'm going to have to keep dealing with more and more bad days that go on FOREVER....that's hard to accept. Does that make sense?

But I will try to keep a positive attitude and hope that this new doctor will help me. (No matter how hard that is to do!)

Thanks everyone...Take care, Stacey :o)



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