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barbara - August 18

I have seen many (in double and triple digits at least) of people healed of CFS and Chronic Fatigue. Have you read the archives on chronic bracing? I am one. Have you read MIND AS HEALER MIND AS SLAYER - have you read The MIND BODY PRESCRIPTION by Sarno - most helpful is a book by Henry Wright called A MORE EXCELLENT WAY - or one called I FOUND FREEDOM. Both of these problems are stress disorders - places to look are at your thoughts and beliefs and your relationships - Sometimes you cant see what is going on in your life - and you need some help to see things clearly. There are a lot of reasons that disease comes - it can be right between your ears - your thoughts and behaviors and relationships. Look at what is going on in your life.
Good luck everyone.


nardwar - August 18

SOMATIZATION DISORDER: the patient has symptoms rather than fear of a particular illness. stress, depression and anxiety converted into physical symptoms that have little or no organic basis. however these symptoms are real and not imagined. this can last for many years and come in many forms and rarely disappear completely without psychotherapy...


nardwar - August 18

the underlying cause of the pain is the mind's defense mechanism against unconscious mental stress it does not want to cope with, or even directly confront, emotions such as anger, anxiety and narcissistic rage. Rather than confront the stress and its underlying causes, the unconscious mind (acting via the limbic system) causes mild oxygen deprivation in muscles, nerves or tendons, and thereby causes physical pain. The conscious mind will therefore be distracted by this physical pain, enhancing the automatic repression process to keep the anger/rage contained in the unconscious. This strategy is designed by the brain to keep such emotional stress from surfacing in the conscious mind, thus assisting in the repression of painful emotions and preventing awareness of them. TMS could therefore be called a psychosomatic condition, in that it is a physical condition whose ultimate cause is psychological. However, having TMS does not make you a hypochondriac or a malingerer. TMS is real pain, with an immediate cause that is both real and physical. It is certainly not an indication of "mental illness." In fact, TMS patients are often highly responsible and successful individuals. What TMS is, is a "distraction pain syndrome" of sorts, a very painful strategy for staying sane in a crazy-making world.


dupris - August 18

wow, nardwar. that is really interesting. my lady has fibro, I' get her to come check out this site man!


barbar - December 18

Could you give us an update on how you're doing with this? Hope you doing ok.



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