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Why do people with fibro have throat problems?
13 Replies
cheri21157 - May 25

Is it because of the muscles in our mouth and neck area or allergies? Mine bothers me in the back of the throat and also under my chin. What worries me is mine has been feeling this way since my symptoms started 9 weeks ago. Anyone else have it this long? When I mentioned this to 3 drs they all said I don't see any problem in your throat other then post nasel drip.It is driving me crazy.


553ANGELA - June 2

i also have complained of soar throat symptoms for up to 3 months at a time. my dr. sent me to have a scope down my throat and they found only a little irritation. nothing to explain the constant sore throat like i'm coming down with the rhematoligist tells me "sore throat and gerd" is not fibro related.i shrug my shoulders here, because i definetly FEEL it is.all the symptoms come on at once.


Fantod - June 3

GERD is definitely a common symptom with fibromyalgia. Your doctor is misinformed. Take a look at the "associated conditions" on the lefthand side of this page. Maybe you should print it out and take it to him. Take care.


Cassiel - June 3


I have issues with my voice becoming rough,tired and scratchy. My vocal cords become tired and I also have issues with my lymph nodes swelling in my neck. I also have RA so I'm not sure which is causing which? Anyone else have this?


553ANGELA - June 3

you just described my THROAT CONDITION to a tee!
my voice is ruff and sore,it feels like i have a skinned knee in my throat.
I don't know if that makes sense...but i've never had my tonsils out, so it's as close as i can get to the kind of pain i experience in the back of my mouth and throat.
this is the first time i've felt well enough to do "anything" in the past month!

i live in fl. and have had alot of guests stay since feb.and guess what?
people just don't get it!i'm sick,tired, exausted with company and getting ready for them, and after they leave.
i really would'nt mind it... but NOBODY understands that "I do not feel well".
what does anyone suggest. (heavy sigh)
if i hear 1 more time how everyone has pain in their----fill in the blank....but they don't whine or complain .they just deal with it!like i'm just a lazy loser who doesn't want to go to work,or carry my fair share of the marrital load. ugh.
sorry for rambling, but i'm tired,,,,sick and tired!


Cassiel - June 3


It's hard because our disease(s) seldom show on the outside so people can't "see" what we feel. I understand about being sick and tired of being sick and tired and no, you're not complaining.
I think it takes people who have dealt with long-term illness to understand when you say "I don't feel well".
Maybe explain this to them and hand outs ready for guest/family. Maybe education would work? Don't give up and this is a great site for validation.


553ANGELA - June 4

thanks cassie,
the odd thing is... when i'm in remmission ,i feel so good !after a few days i still find myself thinking "i'm CURED!" AND WOW!maybe i can go back to work,play, painting,cleaning,gardening,------(fill in the blanks.)
i've had this for probably most of my life, but not diagnosed until 1.5 yrs. ago. i never put together ALL the symptoms. and neither did all the drs. i've been too.
i'm 48,have graves desease,deppression and fms.
if ididn't keep my sense of humour i think i would curl up in bed and never come out.
however being the stubborn person i am...i push myself to at least get up,and if the pain is high i can at least get on the computer and learn all i can about this, and other subjects of interest.
i read and meditate as well. and this is not a boring's just like the weather.... give it 5 mins. it will change!LOL
and then i can come back here and ask about the next round of symptoms that have come up.
for all of you who need someone,someone just as sick or CRAZY feeling,or LAZY,whiney or whatever,someone will be here for you.
NOone understands this as well as one who is experienced with this.


belle1329 - June 4

Well put 553Angela :-) (ps I had my tonsils out and still feel that scratchy, ruff voice.)

cassiel, I also have the neck problems and the swollen lymp nodes. I dont think I have RA, I think my rhumy tested me for this? And I also have gerd/reflux.

Good Idea Fantod, she should pring the directions, doctors drive me crazy, they dont seem to care anymore!


Cassiel - June 6

Angela, Belle,

Yes, we have to keep our sense of humor. And you're right, this stuff changes from moment to moment. I posted a thread titled "History of Immune Disorders" which gives my history and has some questions. Maybe you all could read it and share with your loved ones in case anyone else had/has the same issues as well as FMS.
My pain shot through the roof Thursday morning and my lymph node was swollen and inflamed as well.
Belle, does your lymph node swell on one side more than the other? Anyway, today I began using
biofreeze in conjunction with my hot/microwave mits and shoulder wraps and that was about the only thing that gave me some comfort.

And Angela we have to vent, it's just too painful and discouraging to deal with this alone. That doesn't mean we're not "positive", it just means we need some help. Don't let anyone tell you different. I'm sorry about the Graves disease. It seems a common cohabitant with FMS/RA sufferers as well. I have major depressive disorder and anxiety disorder that began just a few months ago.
It's difficult to go from an over-achiever,excell aat everything I do type of gal to disabled all in 6 months but after all these illnesses over the last 10 yrs especially the last 3 yrs, I'm Toast!!! Stay well, rest and I'll check in next week.


belle1329 - June 8

Yes Cassiel, my left side seem to bother me more.


Teresa123 - June 9

I have a good one... I have a the coughing and clearing of my throat for the last 6 mo. Well, I share an office with 3 other women and one of them complained to my HR director about this.. How crazy is that. I told here earlier that this was part of my condition.. and any way... I got called in to my bosses office, with our HR person... they wanted to know if I new I was doing this.. I responed with YES,, It is part of my illnes, and that there is lot they have no clue of what I go thru... and of course.. they did not want to ask any more ??? you know that whole... we can't ask you medical issues... This is drives me crazy.. The people I work with can bre closed minded.. I just do not get it... Well.. thanks for listening to me... :)


cjmaxi - June 11

When I have a bad fibro day usually from over-doing it the day before, I nearly loose my voice. Or I sound like what I think I'm going to sound like when I'm about 90 years old.


prescott.norco - June 12

Chronic pain is very severe and this affects people's life, long known to people who suffered from a strange disease, were strong back pains, which were intense and not let them work, as was what they said were the doctor and he prescribed oxycodone for pain, but knew it was a very powerful medicine, and moreover, anxiolytics, and worry that they were doing things that previously did not like eating too much, smoking, etc, and read in that this drug is well and that we must be very careful with their use, and everything must be under medical prescription.


Cassiel - June 12


That's what I sounded like yesterday!! My family now knows when I'm having a super bad day by my voice. It also gives me a signal that I need REST,
TLC and nutrician.



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