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why am i so afraid of judgement
3 Replies
kellyjay - September 28

im in my 30s attractive,a single mom with 2 disabled children i know im a good mom but when i meet guys i have such a hard time tryin 2 tell them i have this disease and 2 other auto immune diseases ,and when i dont explain this they assume im lazy and dont want to work ..i also suffer from migraines and severe insomnia and my family n friends would judge me because im not workin like as if i dont want too not realizing raising 2 disabled kids(with no help) rather u hold a job or not is hard ..i still get up 5:30 almost every morning to make them breakfast ..even when i only get an hour or 2 of sleep when i meet people im afraid of telling them wats wrong with me because i think im going to be judged...can anyone else relate to this


Robin1237 - September 28

Thay need to know how strong you are, and we are, to get through our days with our illnesses. We are the opposite of lazy. We have nothing to do with being sick. I think you need to tell them that!


drwell - September 28

I can relate. Insomnia is my second worst symptom, after pain. We are being judged because there is such a stigma with our diagnosis-not many people believe it is real! With the new drugs coming out to treat it and success with it-my life has turned around with Lyrica-the first FDA drug approved to treat it. I had to find it myself with the help of a good friend, a pharmacist.

I also suffer to from, migraines. I am finally going back to work, but only 2 12 hour shifts a month. I am lucky. I met a man who loves and accepts me for who and what I am. My first 20 year marriage ended in divorce and he still contends this is "all in my head." There are good men out there, but you must get your life straightened out first,
Best of luck to you


dalejr62 - September 28

I can relate my coworkers think I'm just lazy. My family is like "what's that thing you've got?" Everybody thinks Im crazy. People have a hard time dealing with this because they can't see anything wrong on the out side. I'm separated from my husband right now. He doesn't think theres anything wrong except I'm just lazy. I have problems sleeping to. Like I said I still work but I don't know how long that will last since my hands and arms hurt to type very long. Well everything hurts and the pain meds knock me out. Don't let it get you down you have all of us to talk to. We understand!



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