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Who wants to start a petition against doctors who don't understand
2 Replies
Andrea - October 16

I'm sick of doctors getting away with such horrible attitudes and treating people with fibromyalgia like they are crazy, I want to set them straight, I figure if enough people sign a petition we could hopefully send it to a news station and someone will take us seriously I'm so frustrated and this is sinking me further into a depression which isn't helping matters...I'm tired of evil doctors. Just because they don't understand something doesn't mean they have the right to treat us like garbage.


Jean - October 16

Andrea, I'm sorry about the misfortune you have. You're right about some of the doctors but there are many very smart doctors out there who do want to help and it isn't easy for them either. Do you realaize that there are people who fake this condition? These doctors have to sift through all the symptoms and testing to make sure this is what you have and since it mimics so many other conditions it is most difficult to diagnose. So you see Andrea the best advice I can give you is ask the right questions to the right physicians who diagnose these conditions. First, see a Rheumatologist and make sure he/she is familiar and treats the Fibromyalgia condition. Second, find a primary car physician the same way. Fighting and having attitudes with physicians will not get you anywhere except further into your black hole. Lighten it up with educated questions and communication about this disease. And by the way I too have seen many doctors and suffer with OA/FMS/CMP and all the symptoms that go along with it. There really isn't much to do about it except handle the symptoms the best way you can and rule out others. Hope you understand.


Andrea - October 16

I have a good doctor, I'm just saying it's not fair that the people who do have it already have to suffer because some of these doctors are discriminating against us..because the evaluation is to lenghty, and it puts a cramp in their day..well how do they think we feel..and it's not our fault that we have it..which seems too like they like to blame us for having this.



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