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Who's who?
17 Replies
jane doe - January 13

Okay, I'll play. Good work guest1. I totally had my suspicions that Lyle is Barbar, and we know Jeannie3 is Virgie, since she accidentaly signed her post. Also Brenda is Teresa. I, too am a former member, I'll admit it, and guest1, I'm sure you are too. If you guys are trying to hide your identities, you should do a better job. Lyle and Barbar, both from Detriot, both about the same age, both with an "unusual" pet. Jeannie 3 and Virgie, both from B.C. Brenda and Teresa, both from California, etc. etc. etc. Also notice, they all seem to know all about the Barbar, Larry, Kathy , Helen mess, yet not one of them ever posted back then. How's that?
I have to tell you Barbar, I was VERY upset about your "death" and the reason I seem to know so much is because I searched back forever trying to find some information, so I could find your obituary. You gave your last initial, how old you were that you were from Detroit, and of course I never did find that obituary. I'm glad you are alive however, I missed you.

I really am not doing this to start trouble, REALLY, but let's be real.

Hope we can start over from scratch, and have the great forum we used to have. Unless Larry comes back as some one else. Is he here? Anyone?

P.S. I'd love to hear your guesses as to who I am. Now that this is off my chest I look forward to actually posting about Fibro. I love you guys, I really do.


BrandyO - January 14

This is getting to crazy for me. I have a hard time remembering one person from the next on a good day and now your saying each is someone else. I give up! Knock yourselves out if these games make you happy.


BrandyO - January 14

By the way, I am who I have always said I was... BRANDY


guest1 - January 14

I wouldn't consider it "playing games" when someone gets their friends to join them in a conspiracy to posting a death notice on the forum of their sucide.


tcmby - January 14

YES!!! guest1 & jane doe.... all I can say is THANK-YOU!!! I have been thinking the same thing ALL this time & feeling just sick everytime I had to read through all their sick twisted lies. What you ladies did to Brandy, Amy, Debra etc... is disgusting & unforgivable! And at Christmas no less. Do you even have a conscience? It needs to STOP!


Iinda - January 14

From: guest1. January 13, 2007,
Answer: Hi Barbar, I mean Lyle, maybe people just discouraged from coming here because you used this forum and put your "friends" through hell by dragging them through the mud wih your self-serving drama of your suicide notice? Just a guess? What do you think Virgie, I mean Jeannie3? Any thoughts on this BRENDA, I mean TERESA?


Iinda - January 14

Well... I sure have some thoughts on this! We should ALL be thanking Jane Doe for bringing this info forward. I am still in shock, but dammit am I ever angry! BrandyO, look at the link to "Teresa-Brenda's" post on that other website... she claims she didn't write it, but it is exactly the same.... and then read through this "Lyle" person's posts out here.... it IS Barbar! I feel so stupid! I actually cared about these women, how dumb was that? obviously that feeling was not mutual, this is what you do to friends? Unreal.


Iinda - January 14


Imelda - January 14

Words cannot express how absolutely positively disgusting this is. This person (s) are truly sick in the head. BARBAR how could you do this? For someone to be so involved as you, I think needs a trip to somewhere where they have big white hallways and there's always a friendly nurse on hand with big different colored horse pills.
P.S. How could you treat and torture people for fun? That is pretty sick.


jane doe - January 14

From Linda "if none of you cowards come forth, I personally don't want to see the names "Lyle, barbar, Virgie, Virg, Jeannie3, BRENDA, TERESA, teresat," etc... out here ever, ever again! I am so angry & disgusted right now I cant even stand it...... K A R M A = "

Don't worry Linda, I'm sure they'll be back, just as someone else again. If they had to fake a suicide, they obviously REALLY want to be here. Don't hold your breath waiting for that apology though....
Can't wait to see what they come up with next. I'm sure they are furiously e-mailing each other right now with their new names and/or a plan.
I doubt we will see the names Lyle, Jeannie3, and Brenda again, so be on the lookout for the "new" ones.
Unless they have the guts to own up and come back as themselves..... Oh nevermind, that would take courage, and the strength to admit you were wrong to play with peoples heads like that. I would like to think Barbar is a big enough person to do that and ask for our forgiveness (which I for one would do). As for Teresa and Virg, I get the impression that they are just followers, the would apologize if Barbar does, but would not have the guts to do so alone.
Barbar, looking forward to your reply.


Iinda - January 14

thanks jane, I certainly won't hold my breath... Virg is already trying to point the finger at me... what a joke! I need a break from this, I feel sick. Thanks for exposing the BS for what it is, its good to know who your friends really are. take care.


jane doe - January 14

After seeing this post:
Name: tcmby | Date: January 14, 2007, 4:35
Answer: Yes guest1.... you are a smart cookie, thanks for saying what I've been thinking! And TERESA (oops... I mean BRENDA...) may be "from" CA but currently lives in SW Missouri with her pet cat Bobby in a trailer. Lyle (Ooops again... fibro fog... I mean Barbar) does have a bird named Percy. I have actually seen a picture she downloaded online of her & Percy on a bird enthusiast's site.... she was posting there as recently as YESTERDAY... I know its her because she mentioned this fibro site there a few months ago, which directed me here..... such a VERY poor covering of one's tracks! =

I googled a couple things and found this site too. I WILL NOT post the info, (I'm really not that mean) but yes Virg, it is out there. Last posting was today. Barbar, will we hear from you?


BrandyO - January 15

Guest1.....It is downright disgusting and a rotten trick to do what Barbar did. And to think I lost sleep over her death. I don't know who's who but they are all playing games as far as I am concerned. It's ridicules to say the least.


Iori - January 15

I knew "Lyle Anderson" was Barbar after reading only 1 or 2 of his/her posts.


Iinda - January 15

Well BrandyO I guess we were the last to know.


BrandyO - January 15

Linda, My mind doesn't work in devious ways ....I give people the benefit of doubt. I guess that is why it had to be spelled out for me. I feel foolish for being so gullible.


Iinda - January 22

Says it all>>>



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