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Who is this person in the mirror???!!!
5 Replies
ptalana - August 23

Lately I can't seem to recognize myself anymore, will I ever be the person I once was???? While most of the time I try to be positive, I just want to be the me I was before my accident and diagnosis of fms!!!!
I'm tired of having to use a wheelchair and walker, and constantly being in pain. Most days I feel like I'm eighty years old!!! I used to be a very active, happy, and confident person, I miss me.
Sorry for the downer blog, I just had to get it out of my system :(


m.e. - August 23

Hi Patty, I can totally relate. I had 2 car accidents (neither were my fault). I used to run 3,5,9 mile races. Now I force myself to do a little exercise, and it is such an effort (but does perk me up afterwards. Had to give up running which I REALLY enjoyed. I am a single parent (44) and enjoyed dating, but now am afraid to get in a relationship to find someone understanding of this debilitating situation. I am not who I was before either. I was always able to overcome adversity and work around hurdles. This one is tricky though, and I continue to read about it (this website is great!) for suggestions to fine tune stuff and make my body work better. You have some significant stuff going on and need to show yourself some compassion. My counselor is pushing me lately to have more acceptance of who I am now rather than try to be who I was before. I think he is right, but that is easy for others to say who have not experienced so many negative changes. Feel well and have a good day. --m.e.


JOEGIRL - August 25

Patty,Iknow where you are coming from. I feel the same way you do. I use to jog, workout and was always on the go and happy. Now I feel like I became a old woman overnight. I miss me also.
Maybe there is hope for us somewhere, somehow??


axxie - August 25

Hey Patty, I'm giving you a big H-U-G, I know exactly what you mean. Just a few days ago, I was also looking at myself and trying to figure out, where I had gone wrong.

Well as you know, there are no wrong turns, no wrong answers. Except to be able to cope with this darn condition.

I just hope we all get a little better, so that we can maintain some sanity.

I hope you can look at yourself and see a beautiful women full of courage and ready to battle anything, as I know like all others we are strong, very strong women!!!

Keep it simple, keep it sweet, and keep on giving your might and when you can't cope, please lean on me, and us at the forum to give you strenght.

We love you, girl!!! you go girl! with your wheelchair and walker.


ptalana - August 26

Thanks guys, I can't say it enough how great it is to have all of your support!!!! It is so comforting to know that I'm not alone, and that I can honestly vent and not fell guilty. While my hubby is super supportive I worry that he'll get tired of listening to me.
Sending you all hugs, you're the best!!!!


Sonja44 - August 28

Gentle hugs to all! This illness is not for sissies that for sure. Each and everyone of us is so much stronger than we realize...we are still here!!!!! Despite the pain...flares...bad days...extreme exhaustion...etc, etc, etc.

My new thing is to say, "Pain is my friend...because it's with me always." Ugg...I wish we weren't such good friends.

We all feel you and what you are going through. Take care.



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