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Who here has had a normal MRI?
3 Replies
Rebecca - July 7

I was wondering how many of us have had MRIs? I live in fear of having MS (not that fibro is any picnic), but I had a normal MRI in Feb. so I take some comfort in that. My symptoms are dizziness, leg pain, headaches, muscle twitches and tingling sensations.


Jozette - July 3

I had a brain, and spinal MRI in May and both came out normal. I was just diagnosed a week ago. I have all over shooting pains which come and go with extreme, dizziness, occasional headaches (usually at night), and the worst part is the restless leg syndrome. I have had numbness and tingling before too. I know MS can take up to 10 years to be found but when you have major symptoms like ours, I think it would have showed up if we had it. If someone just has a little tingling or one symptom here and there, those are the ones that are diagnosed later.


Amy - July 7

My husband has had 2 normal MRIs about 6 months apart. He has had normal CT scans, EEGs, EMGs, blood tests, you name it. The only reason we have finally gotten a fibro diagnosis is the persistence of our family doc. He has dizziness, numbness, tingling, muscle spasms/convulsions, fatigue, weakness, extreme pain, brain fog/concentration trouble, and stuttering. The hardest part has been dealing with docs who say he has a psych problem instead of a physical problem because he is a man.


Summer - July 7

I had a normal MRI w/ contrast. I was convinced that I had MS b/c I had ALL of the symptoms. So, it was rather a shock for me that my MRI was normal. I was having such horrible violent muscle spasms all down my back that they thought I was having seizures. They did an EEG and didn't find anything. They did see something called "Rhythmic Mid-Temporal Discharge". The neurologist said that he's seen a lot of people w/ MF have this unique brain wave. They don't know much else about it. My EMG was normal but he said that my nerves were "quirky". He didn't say much else than that.



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