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who gets fed up of talking!!!
6 Replies
peachmelba - May 4

hi there is it me or do you get fed up of talking because i do. itS like my other half (OH). he's always asking 20,000 questions or it seems like it. evertytime i'm doing something, it seems like the spanish inquesition. do any of you hate talking sometimes and just want to be quiet and not have to explain yourself or is it me being over sensitive!. and then when i say i can't be bothered to talk he gets moody and say's i won't talk to you anymore if thats how your going to be. its not just him but i would rather just listen sometimes and thats it. it doesn't happen very often but when it does i just wan't to go to bed out of the way so i don't have to talk at all.


englishrose - May 4

Hey peachmelba i know just how you feel and i sometimes think is it just me lol...I think we all need a bit of peace at times ..I know i do and when i feel like that i usually take myself off upstairs to rest telling the family to just ignore me for a while..Its hard enough for us to understand how we feel so how can we expect others to know ..Take care and i hope you find a bit of peace and quiet :)


Noca - May 4

As an introvert, I value my alone time. While I do enjoy talking, I spend 75% of my time alone.


Fantod - May 5

I'm with you Noca. I prefer to be left to my own devices. And, when I am tired, thinking clearly and talking are more effort than I want to expend. You are definitely not alone.


Canada17 - May 6

My husband works nights and I work days. So we only get a couple hours (if we're lucky) together when he's done his shift before I have to head off to bed.

I am often chatting his ear off and he just wants me to stop. He's a server, so he spends his whole time at work talking and shmoozing his clients.

Some days I don't want to talk at all because I am just too tired. He loves that! lol

I understand what you mean though about wanting peace and quiet. I often need time alone just to recharge. My husband doesn't fight me on it because when he doesn't want to talk, I don't fight him. We have a pretty good understanding; I am lucky. : )


toots2889 - May 8

Hey Peachbella, good to still have familiar people on here to come back to. Im the same way, I just dont feel like talking. Its almost as if its to much work or something.Im probably not in the best of moods either when this happens. I usually tell my boys whats going on right away, so they know that Im just not in the mood.


Wildwitch - May 10

I know how you feel as well. I just want to be left alone a lot of the time. My Significant other used to be like yours, he seemed to be a master of the twenty question game. I txt him what I'm feeling before he even gets home, so he knows what to expect when he walks through the door. Its been working.



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