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Meghan - January 17

I have a long history of Endometriosis since I was 19 years old. I'm now 27 & was blessed to have my first little girl eight months ago. Since then, my endo symptoms have returned but those problems have been accompanied by new ones. My muscles and joints hurt all the time. I'm exhausted to the point of confusion. My memory is terrible and I have trouble having even a simple conversation as I lose my train of thought in mid sentence. I just moved to a new town & am going to see my new PCP on Friday but I don't want to be labeled as a hypochondriac. Can anyone offer advice to help with this?


KimR - January 9

Hi, I am just working on the beginning diagnosis process also. I just returned from my PCP, and he is doing a CAT scan and taking blood, but really not helpful in the fibro diagnosis at all. I have an appointment Friday with a well know FM doc that luckily lives in my area, I would look for one in your area also.


Jean - January 10

Hi Meghan: Depression can be a part of what you are experiencing and you have had alot of changes in your life at this time. I would seek help for depression and anxiety as this does run with Fibro as well, it couldn't hurt to look into that. Congrates on the new baby.


Meghan - January 10

To Jean & KimR - Thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated.


Juanita - January 13

Sounds like fibro to me. One symptom doctors always ask me about is irritable bowel syndrome. Do you have all the tender/sore pressure points? That will be probably their first question.


Hope Crarer - January 16

I really understand how you must be feeling, i to had the same endometriosis & thought i was in heaven when after the birth of my child i had relief from pain for the first time in years, & yes after 10 months it returned, need less to say some years later having had a hystorectomy (sorry shocking speller) & battlied with always feeling like a hypochondriac, so please don't be hard on yourself, what you feel is real, & i totally understand how you feel. I am now nearly 50 so if you want to talk more pls let me know :) Hx


Rebecca - January 16

First, congradulations on your blessing! All I could say was "wow"! It really hit home.I had to have a hesterectomy(sp'ing) at age 32.Trust me when I say relate. Endometriosis is very painful, Get your pH balance tested,Thyroid checked and other blood work, Tell them what you want done.Also talk to your doc. about Postmardem depression. My spelling sucks, I know. I had twins when I was your age.Communiacate with your new doc..If you haven't had any test ran you need to start.Take care,find some quite time for mom.Epson salt and hot water, a favorite book. soak as often as you can.Three or four times a day.It helps!


meg - January 17

I have fibro and after the birth of both of my children I experienced a firbro flare up with symptoms very much like yours. Make sure that when you talk to your doctor that you are very specific with how you re feeling . Good Luck



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