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who actually diagnoses fms
6 Replies
swm - July 31

hi to everyone im fron the uk and like most of you from the uk was not given much info about this horrible syndrome. i was told by my gp that he thought i had fms and to go search the internet and wait for my referal to see a rumotoligst. thats why i wondered who actually diagnoses fms. having taken tramodol and amiytriptolene for a lot a years i just want to find out once and for all what is wrong with me. from me reading the different questions and answers i am in no doubt that i have fibromyalgia. take care everyone you all seem a really friendly bunch of people and very caring.


kathleen Paterson - August 1

Hi swm
I have had it for 3 years and it was my gp
although I seen rheumatologist who said there was nothing wrong
i think its a matter of eliminating all other illnesses through your blood tests
Take care Kathy


Fantod - August 1

For a firm diagnosis of FMS, a rheumotologist is the doctor to consult. Take some time to read through the various things people have posted on this site. There is some good information available. Take care.


swm - August 1

thanks to kathleen peterson and fantod. i think my gp has been treating me for fms for a few years but the pain as got worse in my arms hands knees and back over the last 12 months and with me pushing for answers i think that is why now they are refering me. i have had all the other blood tests done and they have all been eliminated so i do think i have fms. has for the information on this forum it is a godsend. i feel like i am having to justify myself all the time to friends and work colleages. its like every one on here understands what every one is going through.thanks and take care .


kathleen Paterson - August 1

Hi swm, I think we have so many symptoms it frightens us, well it does me anyway , when I first took ill I thought I had a brain tumour or something I had so much going on , my doc sasy there is no illness that has so many symtoms ,I wrote everything down and he said to me there are 33 things on this list , all tests were clear though apart from underactive thryoid . you are right it is godsend to speak to poeple in the same boat as you , it is very therapeutic
take care kathy


swm - August 1

thanks kathy. your right about the endless symtoms. i have had urinary tract infections for the last 8 months on and off. i keep asking my gp why i was getting them. her reply was some people just get them. until last night when i joined this forum and low and behold when looking at the symtoms urinary tract and pelvis problems where on the list. with most of the symtoms on the list i can defo relate to. take care sam


Gabbie - August 1

Hello swm. I remember when I started with the symptoms of fibro how frightened I was also. Although I looked ok on the outside, I felt like I was falling apart on the inside and the pain was unbearable. I think you need to see a good rheumatologist who believes in fibro and know's how to treat someone with it. There are many blood tests that should be done to rule out other things first. I pretty much knew I had fibro before I was formally diagnosed as you suspect about yourself, but it is important that you see a specialist. I wish you well.



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