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Whiplash Syndrome
6 Replies
dream69 - January 17

Tomorrow night I will post the address for anybody to download pdf file of various articles from scientific journals about whiplash and brain injuries."Whiplash-Associated Disorders can include a whole range of symptoms, including neck pain, restricted neck movement, shoulder pain, tingling or heaviness in the arms, dizziness, and tinnitus.Pain in the arms and shoulders can also be experienced by some whiplash neck injury patients even if there is no injury that can be identified in these regions. This can be the result of "referred pain", where the starting point of a nerve is damaged but the pain is felt at the site the nerve serves.

Around 10% of people who have had a whiplash-type injury suffer from problems with memory, concentration, sleep loss, depression, irritability, tinnitus and/or blurry vision. These symptoms are generally considered to be caused by pain or medication, or rarely, a slight brain injury. "


Lynne-FT - January 17

Thanks Dream69, I look forward to the information.
I ended up with the glenoid labrum torn in my left shoulder (had surgery for that) and brusitis/tendonitis in the right. Of course during re-hab I complained of the right shoulder hurting and ended up with a torn rotator cuff, I told them the poping and grinding noises coming from my shoulder were not good. I know on the inital x-ray to my neck showed a straightened curve. Of course they did an mri and found the herinated disc. What a nightmare it has been. This was from a fall it was like someone dropped me on my knees from about 4 feet in the air when I landed it was a direct fall to my knees I never got the chance to catch myself and for me to ear the cartiledge in my shoulder and herniate discs I would say the fall was pretty hard.


Debra4Real - January 23

Dear:Lynne-FT I have to say first of all i'm so sorry that this happened to you and that i with you the best of luck with your court case...You and i have a few things in common...In July of 2002 i was out one night celebrating my engagement..I went up on to a platform to dance and the platform broke bringing me down about 8 feet only to land on my face..I was covered in blood and my jaw was broken and my teeth we on the floor..Some of my teeth got pushed up into my gums.To make this very long story short if i can, i was a mess.The hospital wired my jaw shut for months..I could not move my neck at all...Month after month,day after day the pain from my face,jaw and neck became worse..I now have TMJ Disorder,Severe Osteoarthritis from my Jaw, neck and the rest of my body..The Doctors told me that i have Fibromyalgia 18/18 trigger points and Central Pain Syndrome.The cause was whiplash...The pain started in my neck then spread to my shoulders then my lower back,hips ,knees,feet and so on..I now cannot walk...Before the accident i only had Endometriosis...I was pretty healthy other wise..I was working and doing some part time modeling...I will never be the same again..I have a few Herinated Disc's as well..The pain that i have from the Fibro i could live with but not the other pain that i have....It burns and stings like someone have thrown battery acid all over me.Its very hard to live with that...I am also involved in an on going court battle..Please excuse my spelling errors..Its that Fibro Fog thing....Lynne please note that i'm not looking for pitty,i'm relating to what you have gone through and what your still going through...I will pray for your health and well being and for you to have the strenght to fight and win your court battle..Good Luck...LOL...Debra...


Debra4Real - January 23

Dear:Dream 69 Thank You so much for all of your fantastic Posts...You a very kind and caring person...And a very.,very smart.. one as well...Also thank you for trying so hard to keep the peace on this Forum...I have just read some of your posts and i think that your great.....Thanks A million...LOL.Debra.


Lynne-FT - January 23

Thanks Debra,

Been a while since I have talked to you.
Dream69 has been more then helpful and has gone so far to help me.
Thank you Dream69

I am so sorry to hear about your accident, my gosh what you have been through. The description of the spreading pain is identical to mine, I just wish my attorneys felt the same way.
I was a fully active 40 yr old when this happened in the prime of my life and I have been reduced to pain killers and limping and acting like I am 80. I used to look so young for my age but the pain, drugs and depression have added all those years and them some.
Bless your heart. I hear you on the court battle my doctor blls are over 60,000 and that is not including the surgeries I still need. The other side offered me 6,000. I am not looking to get rich I worked hard all my life and enjoyed life.
I just want to make sure I do not end up on the streets alone and in pain.


Debra4Real - February 9

Dear:Lynne-FT Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words i know they come from your heart..I am really sorry that you are having such a hard time and that your in so much pain.Do you have Central pain Syndrome??...Mine started from whiplash to Fibromyalgia then to the worst Central Pain..The Burning & stinging of my body drives me to tears every minute of each day..I'm 42 years old and the past 4 years have been the worst years of my life..I'm not living,i"m dying in pain..I'm sorry for going on and on .I hope that you will do well with your court case but most importantly i hope and pray that your health will improve and that you can start living again..I feel so bad for you and i know what your going through..Keep fighting to be well and never ever give up on hope..You take good care of yourself....LOL Debra


charliebrown - February 11

Thank you Debra4real for giving me a name for this painful hell I have been going through the past number of weeks. It has taken its toll on me. The doc gave me something for the pain of the nerves and it helped for all of one week and now it is back with a vengence. I also have been having shaking hands, inability to write what my brain is transmitting. The word written is just jiberish. Cannot even writ a letter like "C". Feel like a child . It only lasts a moment but is scary. Also forget what I have gone three feet away to get. This happens more times in a day than I care to say. Also when going down stairs, I am very careful, because my brain doesn't seem to be transmitting to my feet it has to move and I am afraid of falling. I stop in mid sentence forgetting what I am saying or saying something stupid. It all is sometimes too much to bare and wonder if it is worth it.



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