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which job will be suitable for Fibromyalgia?
3 Replies
anna14 - May 25

Hi friends!
I m 30 year old unmarried woman, from last 6 years I am suffering from Fibromyalgia. I hav pain in all 18 tender points. My right hand muscles are very weak.I want to earn money for my medical expense.
Now I am depended on my father,he is retired professor. I want to help him by earning some money. Please give some advise.


axxie - May 25

Hi anna14, it's a difficult question to answer, what is it that you like to do, would be a better way to start off.

You see with fibromyalgia it's an up and down and fatigue that will dictate how well you are going to be successful or not.

Presently I work, but for 2 years I had to stay home and go on all kinds of meds and stay home, I was confused and was sick physically and emotionally.

Do you like books, or flowers why not try one of those popular stores that hire seasonal employees. Maybe work in a kids program would be more beneficial.

There will not be an easy job to go at, with fibro it's what you can do today and cannot do tomorrow because your body reacts in such a way that it make it all that harder to work the next day.

Maybe you should look for a job you can do at home, just be careful there are plenty of scams on the internet, promising you good money if you send X amount of money, etc.

Another thought, why don't you clips coupons and do what the extreme couponers do, not only will you give yourself a job, but you will be able to work from home and whatever money you save from the grocery stores your dad can help pay your meds.

I don't know which State you come from, but I do know that in New York State they have all kinds of program where you can get lots of drugs free to help out. You just need to find those big grocery stores and ask questions same with your pharmacy.

Good luck to you, and just to say I am not kidding about the extreme couponer, I bet if you look at those programs you would get ideas.

Good luck to you


powderblue - May 27

Hi Anna,
I was diagnosed with it at 24 too. I had to consider retraining because of my fibromyalgia resurging it's ugly head again about three years ago. I am retraining as a nurse. Unfortunately I probably won't be able to handle shiftwork when I finish my studies as it was a big problem in my last job but I choose nursing because of the diversity of areas you can work in and the capacity to work part-time if I couldn't handle a full-time position if my health got worse at a later date. If you have very weak hand muscles I assume doing a desk job with lots of typing and the fact that it is repetitive is out of the question. Considering your father is retired professor would you be quite bright and studious? Is it possible for you to study in an area that you are interested in. I'm not sure if you have money to invest finding a new job. A career consultant or going to a website about different types of jobs. In my country they have a government website that has different types of jobs, profiles of people in that job and a description of what requirements you need to get into that job. Also links to institutions that run the courses (universities etc). Occupational therapists are good at assessing people capacity to do tasks. If you came up with a list of jobs you might like to do then they may be able to assess your capacity. You will probably need to take into account whether you think your symptoms are stable. A job that is flexible with capacity to work reduced hours might be important. Also does stress effect your fibromyalgia as you may not want a stressful job. And lastly I think it is important to do something you like. Best of luck with finding something suitable. :-)


lucky13 - May 27

The others gave good advice, also you can go to your local unemployment office, they often help with not only finding work, but with preparing a resume.
The coupon thing is a good idea, you can also sell the coupons you don't use, there's a lot on ebay. Ask all your family, friends and neighbors to save the sunday coupons that they don't want, for you.

It also depends on what you can handle, if you can handle waking up early you could deliver papers.
You could sell stuff you don't need on ebay or craigslist.
You could babysit, school is almost out for the summer and there will be parents needing childcare for the school age kids, the ones to old for daycare, but still a little to young to stay alone just yet.

You could anwser phones, or be customer service at a local YMCA, library ect.

Good luck



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