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Which doctor should I believe?
13 Replies
Brandy - September 17

I went to a rheumatologist (didn't need a referral) and I was diagnosed on my first visit with possible fibromyalgia which he confirmed after getting my blood test results. I either had a good rheumy or he just wanted to pacify me. Since than I started seeing an MS specialist who after a year of test and office visits still feels I may have MS but has not given me a actual diagnoses yet. So who do I believe, the doc who diagnosed me in a one hour visit or the doctor who is taking her time to make a diagnoses?


Virg - September 10

I didn't know fibro could be seen in a blood test. If anyone has any more info on that I
would luv to know? Do you pay for your tests? After one year the MS should have
figured it out by now. Was the rheumy doc
helpful in any way. I'd ask the MS why she'
hedging and if she has a good answer take it
from there. She could be like a doctor I had
very caring and didn't want to make a mistake.


Jean - September 10

I wonder who you should believe!!! Am MRI of the brain would help in the diagnosi of MS. Fibromyalgia has no test to determine its origin.....Medical History dtermines this....Be careful this could cost you...


Jeramey - September 11

I just had an MRI yesterday, I am awaiting the results. It can be very scary. I am trying not to worry too much. Good luck to you.


Brandy - September 12

I guess I wasn't clear on the blood test statement. I meant that the doctor tested (by blood test) for Lyme, Lupus and such, which were all negative so the rheumy confirmed the FMS diagnoses. I have a history of symptoms of FM for over 30 years now altho I was just first dx 5 -6 years ago. Up till then I just lived with all the pain etc. It wasn't until I read up on Fibro that I went to the Rheumy in the first place. As far as the MS doc... I love her ... she is a very caring doctor and I trust her judgment. Even tho nothing showed on my MRI's she still wants to wait it out to see if something does show. up. I am lucky, my insurance pays 100% on all my test and I only pay a $10 co-pay each time I see any doctor. So being tested isn't a financial burden.


Virg - September 12

Hi Brandy. Thanks for the info and here I figured we might be on to something.(chuckle,
chuckle) Your history sounds similar to mine.
I too went the same journey. Stick with the
MS specialist. She sounds great and we get
support we treasure it eh? GodBless


Barbara - September 15

Wait to hear from your MS doctor. Fibro can sometimes look like early MS, which is one of the reasons it's important to get the MS test and rule it out. I also had the fibro symptoms that look like early MS and had to have it ruled out. Wishing you my best.


Brandy - September 15

Thanks everyone.... all advise is taken and appreciated! Many blessings to you all.


Smash - September 16

Sounds like you need a third opinion. Is it possible you could have both?


Brandy - September 16

Hi Smash, I understand that it is possible to have both FMS and MS. God I hope not tho, Fibro is bad enough.


Anne Hillebrand - September 17

Read Diagnosis page at

There are two tests that are important for FMS. The rest are just going to leave you back where you started.

1. Thyroid (your doc does), and 2. Saliva pH (you do).

Compare your symptoms to the Symptoms page.

It's much simpler than most realize.

Overly Acidic Fibro, Overly Alkaline Fibro or Thyroid/Temperature Fibro.

When you know which you are, then treat accordingly.


Brandy - September 17

Thank you Anne.


helen - September 17

Brandy, I agree with smash for another point of view . If you are open to it, try reading "Living Well With an Autoimmune Disease, What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You...That You Need to Know," by Mary Shomon. and see what her recommendations are. It can only help at this point, right?. Also Teresa wrote to you about your symptoms sounding alot like hers when she had graves disease and hyperthyroidism. Mary also wroye the book "Living well with hyperthyroidism and graves disease". Good luck.


barbar - December 17

Brandy, what did you eventually hear?



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