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Where is your worst pain?
14 Replies
Kim57 - July 13

Does any of you seem to notice you have one particular area that is more achy and painful than others? Mine is in my neck and shoulders.


axxie - July 13

Hey Kim57

Mine is exactly as you describe it, neck and shoulders and my fingers......

Other painful site is my head, when I get these strange needle like piercing in my head, it doesn't last long, boy oh boy that hurts, but only momentarily.


michelle J - July 13

mine is my arms my elbows feel like they are gonna snap all the way to my finger tips it is horrible


JOEGIRL - July 14

Same thing here,, My neck and shoulders hurt all the time.Sometimes it goes on to my arms and hands.


mimosette - July 14

neck Neck NECK, from the base of my skull to the top of my shoulders. I just found out about Biofreeze, and man, I stink but I carry that roll-on stuff everywhere with me! I panic if I leave home without my Biofreeze!


hellou - July 14

Mine is my hips and the centre of my buttocks. It feels like i have burning hot poker in there and my hips feel like the bone is grinding against bone. My shoulders are also permenantly rock solid. I also have the feeling of needles sticking in me too but this is usually in my eyes down my fingernails for some bizarre reason?


Kim57 - July 15

Do you also have it come and go? For example..This past Sat. Sun. and Mon. I had awful neck, shoulder and hand pain. Today..Tuesday..I awoke with hardly any pain and have stayed that way all day. Maybe tomorrow or the day will start over again.


LastsGal - July 15

Me, too. Neck & shoulders, absolutely. Between the tight muscles & spasms, I feel like I'm walking around with my own personal hot iron crucifix on my back.


iliveinpain - July 15

Definitely neck and shoulders. I've been to massage therapy for years and different therapists, and none of them have been able to break up the knots in my shoulders, which are rock hard. Oh the wonderful world of fibro.....


iorabuena - July 15

Hello everyone,

I also suffer from neck and shoulder, but my worstlately has been in the middle of my chest were your breast bone and ribs meet. At night I feel like my whole upper body is a rubber band i wake up so exahuasted like I didn't get rest. I go to the doctor's next week and i'm going to have him run more test on me, i'm always second guessing this desease because it's so confusing with all the different pains you go through....


LastsGal - July 15

iliveinpain... try to find a massage therapist that specializes in Fibro Massage Therapy. Sometime you can find them in the spas, but more often they're in the sports rehab places. Be read to seriously hurt (which actually means something in here) for a couple of days, but they will get those knots out.


shula - July 16

Right now its my my buttocks, but try telling your doctor or anyone who asks how you're feeling that your ass hurts!!!


iliveinpain - July 16

Yep Shula, you're right -- fibro is definitely a pain in the ASS!! LOL

LastsGal- I've been trying out different massage therapists for YEARS now, in spas and chiropractic clinics, and recently went to a physical therapist, she was the worst. No one's been able to help me :( If anyone knows of a good fibro massage therapist in the N. W. Chicago suburban area, I'd love to know where I can go if they've helped you at all. As it is now, I'll go for a massage and get like a days worth of relief and then it's back to pain pain pain!! I feel like I'm flushing my money down the toilet paying out for all of these "therapies" that promise to help and don't.


fancithatt - July 23

Oh my goodness!! I had to tell my dr that exact thing today! I thought I was crazy! My main problems are neck and shoulders. (I even have a plate in my neck/spine) so last week when my butt started hurting and wouldn't go away I figured it was the FM so I told him and he understood! Not the first to say that to him I guess! LOL I'm sorry you have this pain too but I'm glad to know it's not uncommon.


L Light - July 23

Though it isn't funny, I must say you put a smile on me with that one. My bum is about the only area that hasn't been affect by this challenging companion FM...

Hope you are feeling better ...



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