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Where is everyone from?
37 Replies
TERESA - October 6

Now that we are finding out how old everyone is , let's see where everyone is from? I don't mean you have to be specfic if you don't want , but like I'm form southwest Missouri. The Ozarks.


maleighamylove - October 6

Ok older than dirt here, I am so old I poot dust LOL.
I live in South Central Tennessee not to far from Huntsville Alabama


Virg - October 6

oh oh, I have a feeling I'm going to be one of the few here who lives in Victoria
British Columbia, Canada


barbar - October 6

I'm a native Californian, born and bred.


JJ1 - October 6

Already said earlier, but Florida.


TERESA - October 6

Barbar, I was from Cal. many years ago! I lived in Sacramento, where are you?


JoniB - October 6

I live in central Iowa, just north of Des Moines & Ames.


BrandyO - October 6

I live in eastern Pa. In the Lehigh Valley area, about 50 miles north of Philadelphia. Have been here all my life.


Stephanie417 - October 7

I am .. like Joni.. in Central Iowa.. SMALL world JONI !!!


Kimber2270 - October 8

I've been living in Los Angeles for the past 6 years but originally from a small town in Illinois.


Debra4Real - October 8

Hello:I'm from Toronto,Ontario Canada.Hi Virg,the sweet man in my life is from Vancouver B.C..He moved here 5 years ago to be with me.I will be going to B.C next year some time to meet his parents and to see all of B.C...I heard it is Beautiful there,but the weather is not good for Fibromyalgia.Rain and more Rain.The weather is T.O. is not that great as well.I live in the beaches area and its pretty damp most of the time.


Virg - October 8

Debra4Real, Wow this is getting very interesting I was just wondering where you were from and then read your post.
Hello my fellow Canuck. AH HA we do get picked on sometime don't we(chuckle, chuckle) I'd like to clarify that ...
not by the ladies on the forum but by out of the blue trolls. Please make sure to pack all your things when you come to BC because you're going to love it. The
weather at least on the island here is pretty good for Fibro. I moved from the
interior of BC 6 years ago and it actually
helped some. Global warming and all that sure has changed this coast line. It
reminds me a lot of Florida when I lived
there. Happy Turkey Day to you and I'll be
more on line once I've finished with the
move this weekend. Moving during the full moon, major marathon run here(blocking 2 main streets we have to cross and thanksgiving weekend is turning out to be a challenge. Oh and get this our couch didn't fit in the apt elevator so I had to go out and get another one delivered. The list goes on it's a riot. Take care.


AmberRose - October 8

Hey Virg, im also from victoria b.c. but i now live in calgary alberta.


TERESA - October 8

So there is 3 of you from Canada! Wow!! Are there support groups in Canada? How is the health care system there?


colleen steele - October 8

I am from New Orleans,born and raised....Colleen


Gmasboy - October 9

I am in Michigan..born and raised here..


Debra4Real - October 10

Hi:Virg Thanks for your messege.And Happy Thanksgiving to you to.Moving is a royal pain.I feel for you.I hope that your move will be a good one for your happiness and good health.Good luck With that.Furniture can be a huge problem when moving.I'm sorry that you had to go through that headache.Thanks for the B.C. info.It sounds so inviting.I cant wait to see the mountains and the beaches there.Are the people friendly there??.Where i live,well on my street everyone knows everything about you and then some.But i Love it.Everyone is kind and thoughtful.I'm a people person so i have to be around down to earth fun loving folks.My family always say Happy Turkey Day.Thanks for making me laugh.You take good care of yourself and dont be lifting any heavy furniture please.Thanks again..Always Debra.



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