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Where in the US to live.
7 Replies
cherylAnn - November 4

I lived in southern AZ. for several years. My fibro did not seem to be as bad there. Now I am in Portland Oregon. Now that the weather has changed, I have started to hurt soo much more. I know it is the barometric pressure and rain. I can tell you when the fronts come in.
So my question. Is there anyone out there living in Central Oregon and how does it feel there??
Also, Across the states, How does weather affect you??
Elevaton, Rain, Sun, Cold... And if there is anyone closer to OR and feel ok... Let me know. I have to move. My DR. even states I need out of here..
Thank you..


VictoriaB - November 4

Hi and yes I think you are right, I live in South central KY and I hurt worse during certain times of year. Like winter and spring is the worst---I dread it!! I have actually dreamt about AZ because my sis with Fibro said she felt much better while she was there!!


trans - November 4

Untunately I think AZ is one of the better states. I live in WI and it is unbearable most of the time. I have a friend in Cananda who is at the same line of latitude and she feels as back as I do. I felt really great last winter when we vacationed in Florida. I we could retire I would move htere. Good luck to you.


greeneyedlady138 - December 6

I can tell you that Alabama, Kentucky and Illinois are not good states for Fribro. I have relatives in AZ and plan to take a vacation there and see if the symptoms minimize while there.


Sonja44 - December 6

I live in Southeastern Idaho...Usually I do o.k. Jan. thru March is the worse here regarding weather...and fibro. This fall hasn't been particularly good for me...lots of pain...but I think I triggered this latest flare up by trying to do 5 wall push-ups...sad but true.

Glens Ferry, Idaho is beautiful and we joke that that area is the banana belt of our state. However, if you are looking for city life...Glens Ferry ain't it. LOL. Good luck fibro friend!


Fantod - December 7

I have a friend who recently moved to Vegas. She has severe FMS and Sojgrens. She is doing remarkably well since moving there. The climate really seems to be benefical.


toots2889 - December 8

I live in Mn and agree with Trans that theres not much relief living here.Theres to much weather change.I to was in Florida on vacation last year for a week and never felt so good.I would love to move there or someplace like it so I could feel that good even half the time.Good luck.


txsunsets - December 8

I live in TX. I have alot of problems because one day it is hot and next day it is freezing. Sometimes it is so cold in the morning and then so hot in the afternoon. I feel my body is on a roller coaster.



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