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Where has everybody gone?
14 Replies
kvc33 - November 11

Hi, I was just wondering if everybody has gone over to skype or what is going on as the posts are few and far between now. I haven't done nearly as much myself as I've been doing better for the last couple of months and I now have less to say!


PEANUT - November 11

Hello from Canada however I am coming to you from the state of California, Desert Hot Springs to be exact. I too have been feeling quite well over the last month or so and find myself with less to say. Once I got off of meds, recovered from my surgery and with a healthy carb/high protein diet, I have been feeling much better and in fact was able to 'wog' 2 miles this morning - 'Wog' : a combination of walking/ jogging. I am knocking on wood and know from experience that my arthritic joints do much better here come winter than back home at those way below zero temperatures. We are here for about a month, then will return home (Edmonton, Alberta) for the 7th of December in time for the birth of our third grandson, our son's first! Then it'll be Christmas celebrations with family and extended family then come January, it's party time for my Mom who is turning 80! This is especially something to celebrate as she just had 1/5th of her right lung removed for cancer and is recuperating very well after being re-admitted and treated for dehydration and inflammation of the esophagus. Each day I thank my blessings and I always keep my FMS companions in mind! Keep well and keep in touch!


Cher0208 - November 12

I was wondering the same thing. I keep checking every few days. Where has everyone gone?

Just to update you guys on me - The Naturopath that I am seeing used Muscle Response Testing on me to see what organs were weak. There were a few but my liver showed up as needing to be a priority in being treated. So I have been taking several Standard Process supplements for a few weeks now and am feeling so much better. All symptoms have lessened dramatically. I am even sleeping better. He also tested me and told me I was Blood Type A and I am now eating a diet according to what Dr. D'Adamo (Author of Eat Right For Your Type) says is what my blood type should eat. Type A's should be mostly vegetarians with some fish and chicken/turkey occassionaly. I am feeling so much better since following this diet. My doctor also gave me 2 homeopathic tinctures to help with my hormonal and reproductive problems as well as the severe cramps I have been getting. That too is lessening. He also told me I was sensitive to wheat (gluten) which I pretty much knew but it's hard to quit that stuff. But I finally did it. Seems my body is going to have a fighting chance now in healing. I am so grateful for that.

Truly hoping that you are all doing well. Please keep in touch and let's keep writing on here! I appreciate all of the advice and consoling that we have here. Good night.


Fantod - November 12

I don't like the new format or all of the ads. I've also been ill and less inclined to write. Glad to hear that you are doing better. Take care and enjoy the weekend.


kvc33 - November 12

Peanut and Cher, so glad to hear that life and health is going so much better for the both of you. I would love to do some naturopathic stuff right now but unfortunately I'm very allergic to everything now, even homeopathic stuff which isn't supposed to have any side effects. However, I am making progress, my Restless Leg Syndrome has been quite a bit better for the last four months or so. I think it might have to do with my being allergic to gluten. I have been mostly off of it for 10 months and if I have any bread I seem to have a bad night with the RLS. I am testing foods now to see if I can reintroduce them. My body has said no to corn and eggs, and probably wheat as well. Sugar doesn't seem to be a problem. Caffeine brings on a horrific panic attack in the night. We have had gorgeous Fall weather here in BC and that has helped me to feel better too. The colors are stunning and I get out for a walk almost every day. Thanks for answering you all, my thoughts are with you Fantod.


January - November 12

How nice to hear from everyone! I too was wondering where everyone went and was missing the community here! Not into facebook, and I thought everything had switched over to that. I don't get ANY ads on here (I have my security set to refuse them), but have heard other people complain about them!

I'm glad to hear you all are doing better!

kvc - I had panic attacks at night after getting off antidepressants - they came up later in the withdrawal, and went on for over a year. Finally, they tapered off. You deserve a medal for sticking it out through withdrawal, it is awful sometimes - but you'll get better with each passing month.

Cher - I'm Type A and that diet is good for me too, all except the grain part! The nice thing is we can have caffeine!

Peanut - sounds like a busy winter - and best of luck with your mom's recovery.

Fantod, feel better, thinking of you!

You know I'm on a crusade about gluten! You can download the book Dangerous Grains for free -- it's excellent. There's also a new book I just heard about called "Wheat Belly."

Did anyone see Dr. Andrew Weil on Dr. Oz? He was talking about supplements for depression (he took antidepressants for 5 days, and said his body rebelled so badly, he quit.) He mentioned a couple supplements, including SAM-e which helps with arthritic joint pain and depression. Also ashwaganda. I take SAM-e and I think it helps.

Here comes winter, and there is no denying the rainy, gloomy days make everyone feel worse, especially when a weather front blows through. Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts!


Noca - November 13

still around...


fibromite.u.k. - November 17

Hi to all, I have also been wondering what had happened to you all, especially Noca and Fantad who were always on and also KVC, Cher and January. I had been missing all the posts. I had my op last month and am glad to say all was benign. However, the op was much worse than I expected and I lost lots of blood, and then less than a week later some of my stitches broke and I ended up back at the hospital. Two days later, even more stitches broke and left a hole, so back to hospital again, it was horrendous and I have been so uncomfortable. I now have an enormous boil near to one of the wounds, it's so sore. I am also so very tired and my pain is worse than usual, but I suppose it's because I am trying to recover from the op. I have also developed lots of bruises on my legs and my doctor said to come off my blood thinning tablets for a month as she thinks it is causing the bruising, although it hasn't done that before. I am now waiting for the results of some blood tests I had done earlier this week. I am still getting ulcers on my tongue and one in particular is very persistant, it keeps going down and then coming up again. I am also going to have to have a barium meal test soon to try to work out why I keep getting aneamic. Then they reckon I might have to have an op on my big toe next year as the arthritis in it is making it so painful to walk. It just seems to go on and on with me. Anyway, despite all my problems, I am enjoying making Christmas cards again and am kept very busy at it. Hope we all get talking together more again. Like January, I am also not on Facebook. Best wishes to all.


January - November 17

Hi fibromite - glad to hear everything was benign, but so sorry you are still suffering! I hope someone has had a look at that boil you mention to make sure you don't have an infection going.

I think it just comes with the territory as we get older… the old body wears out a bit. Take good care of yourself.


fibromite.u.k. - November 17

Hi January, thanks for your concern. I saw my doctor the day before yesterday and she looked at the boil and put me on very strong antibiotics for it. It is now starting to go down and is not so inflamed.


Fantod - November 18

fibromite.u.k. - I think of you so often and wonder how you are managing. It sounds as if you have had quite a struggle in the past few months. I'm sorry that your operation did not go smoothly during the recovery time. I'm really glad to hear that you are keeping busy making Christmas cards. Something creative is always so good for the spirit. Take good care of yourself and remember that I will be sending postive thoughts your way. God Bless.


fibromite.u.k. - November 19

Hi Fantod, thanks for your continued interest. I hope you are not too bad at the moment or at least that you are managing to cope with everything. As you say, I am sure that doing something creative helps. I love my cardmaking and make cards all the year round. I sell them, and the money goes to various charities. I have a big table and two bookcases to keep all my crafting bits on in a room that looks out over a window to our back garden. I can do just a few minutes if that is all I can manage and leave the rest to do another day. I really enjoy it and the ideas for different kinds just seem to keep coming.


Pikespeak - December 2

I'm here too! Just have been busy with projects, resting and exercise. I'm mentally getting ready to do my minimalist decorating for the holidays.
Going up to the cold attic to retrieve the "stuff" is a stumbling block...

I've been doing really well lately!--I have been doing my Pilates, Feldenkrais and Reiki. I am so much happier since I feel in control of all aspects of my life (with exception to no will power when it comes to eating pie)!

Have a happy and stress-less holiday everyone!


belle1329 - January 6

Hi everyone, its been a long time for me also. Ive been doing much better on and off. I too got anoid by all the ads so kind of got away for awhile . I also lost my position and had to go to a different office and could not use the computer as often. I have my laptop at home now. Ive been doing very well with exercise and weight loss, I still do not take any medications. I seem to manage well. I seem to feel worse in the winter months as we all do. But do have to say Ive been doing better,like I said with the exercise and jaccuzzi treatments. Good to hear some of you are doing better too. Ill have to read posts and catch up on things. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday......


January - January 8

Hi belle… I've seen other people complain about lots of ads also. I don't get any - which is fine with me! I have my computer security set on high. Perhaps there is something you can do to cut down on the bothersome ads you are getting? I know there are ways to block pop-up ads, and also ways to clear out cookies from your computers, but these things vary with each system - so you might ask someone who is tech-savvy to help you with this? Seems kind of counter-productive to have so many annoying ads that you run people off your website!! Hope somebody is listening out there!



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