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Where are my samples
5 Replies
tnichel - November 27

So I'm sitting in the doc's office waiting for him and I hear his assistants talking about fms. One says "I looked for the tender points and I have some but not all. I wonder what fibro feels like."
The second lady then starts talking about the lady who works the front desk having fibro. And she tells her coworker, "That's why we don't have any cymbalta samples. She hogs them all as soon as a shipment comes in and any other samples she can find."
My response in my head, "wow!". I couldn't believe they were talking so boldly and quite loud about a coworker for any patient to hear. But at least now I know why I don't get samples. Amazing.


Canada17 - November 27

Wow that is bold. I never understand why employees of a company sit there and talk about co-workers while customers/patients can hear them. It has always bothered me. I almost feel like they think we can't hear them or something or like they don't think it's a big deal.

In your case it is a big deal because you are going in there looking for relief, hoping to maybe try a medication before you have to dish out cash for something that has the potential to cause you an adverse reaction. I always ask if the doctor has a sample so that I don't have to go through the motions of paying out and waiting to get my money back for something that I am probably not going to be able to tolerate.

I hope you told your doctor about this, it's incredibly unfair that an employee of a clinic/doctor would take something that is intended for the patients. Like she is so special that she doesn't have to pay for her medication? Things like that get my goat, it's just selfish. And you would think someone with FM would be a little more understanding of the people she is depriving.

: )


Noca - November 27

I know people talk behind my back everyday about my illnesses or that I'm crazy. Its annoying but I just learned to accept it.

As for samples, I usually empty my pain doctor out of Celebrex and empty my ADD doc out of Concerta coupons lol.


axxie - November 27

It's typical that they do that, employees who work in a clinic. When I went to my doctor, at first she had given me 4 boxes of cymbalta 60 to try out. Prior for me to dishing out the money.

A couple of months later, when I said I wanted to try 30mg, because they 60 left me spaced out, she had samples sitting on the counter she must of had at least 60 boxes of them. So I asked if I can get a 30mg box as sample, she bodly said to me, no they are reserved for my friend.

Wow, I just looked at her and walked out shaking my head. Her assistant, bring home flu shots for her family, (I've seen her do it), but will not give you a shot, but you as the patient have to line up for days to get a flu shot.

If you dare to say something, she'll loose your file, she's done it to me, or forgot to file. The doctor doesn't do anything.


Canada17 - November 27

My goodness, axxie, that's terrible!


solanadelfina - November 28

That's pathetic. Times are tough and not everyone has insurance, but samples are there for a reason. Especially in our case, where a med that works for one person doesn't work for everyone.



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