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When i wake up.
2 Replies
Sandybeach - March 11

Hi all,,,
Hope everyones well?i not had a good few weeks.on top of it all i had an abcess on my gum,so had a very swollen face too for a week.The reason im here today is that i wanted to ask some advice...again :)...when i wake up i mean as soon as i open my eyes and for about half hour after i wake i feel so shocking.I feel a lil better after i walk outside but seem deliriuos when i back at specialist next week so maybe i will mention it.and really clamping my jaw..annoying is there any meds any of you are taking?wonder if its tmj?been reading posts but as not been on a flare havnt been posting,but hope alls well for everyone
take care xxxxxx


Fantod - March 11

Hi Sandybeach - Sorry to hear that you have been having dental problems. Nothing worse except maybe FMS - lol.

I can, with great certainty, assure you that none of us leap out of bed like gazelles in the morning. It usually takes me until the crack of Noon to start feeling half way human. Until then, I am extremely stiff, and feel like I was run over by several very large lorries whilst asleep. If that qualifies as "shocking" than you are not alone.

Part of what you may be experiencing could be medication related - a hangover to be precise. I would like to suggest that you drink as much water as you can stand. I mean water, not tea or anything else. That way your meds will be circulating through your system better. You might find that helps with the start of the day.

If you are clenching your teeth, that is a whole other issue commonly referred to as "TMJ." I have had it for decades. The best fix for that is a bite splint that you wear at night whilst you sleep. I could crush diamonds with my jaw according to my dentist. This is nothing to ignore as you can really damage your teeth and it will compound your pain issues. You can read about TMJ under "Associated Conditions" in the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page.

I hope that you are feeling better by the time that you see this. Good luck with your appointment next week. Enjoy your weekend.


January - March 11

Hi Sandybeach - I don't know if I understand what you mean from your post -- but I think dental issues and infections like abscesses can be serious for fibro people. Maybe we take longer to heal than others. If you are feeling unusually strange, could it be a side effect from something? Did they give you antibiotics? When I've had dental infections, with antibiotic treatment, it has taken me almost a month to begin to recover; I usually got very ill. Maybe our immune systems aren't strong enough to fight of infections quickly…?

As for waking up in the morning, LOL! I can relate to Fantod's crack of noon! Don't know what you mean when you say you feel "shocking" ?? It seems from your post this is new to you?

Most mornings I wake up feeling strange in some way, along with the stiffness - sometimes it's anxiety or panic - sometimes disoriented - sometimes I'm still really tired. Either I sleep more or get up and distract my mind with something. It helps.

Take care of yourself and feel better soon!



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