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rwindham - August 8

Does fibromtalgia just come on all at once?


Lynne - August 1

Mine progressed after a trumatic fall, I guess what I am asking is just one day you woke up with FMS and had no warnings at all?


Anne R. - August 2

Mine started with problems sleeping - I could fall asleep but not stay asleep long enough to gain REM stage. It progressed quickly from there to the myofascial pain, fibrofog, etc.


Tim - August 3

For me it came on over the period of several years 1st myofacial pain then a year later chronic asthma then a new type of pain a year later fibro !! If you think you have one of theses problems be prepared to have some patience while you go through the medical system..Luck and compassion Tim


Jessie - August 3

Mine worsened over a period of about six months...I just became more and more stiff and the pain got to be outrageous until my doctor prescribed some prescription strength ibuprofen; now, I can function. Good luck.


Chris2 - August 3

Mine took awhile, it started out with flu like symptoms that never seemed to go away, in fact they're still with me...... The myofacial pain has been bothering me for the last few days again. I had to take yesterday off work. Hope you have better luck than I do. Yours in Healthy living, Chris2


Jozette - August 3

Five years ago I started to have sleeping problems. Then last November I got Costochondritis and that lasted until March. In April I started getting unexplained pain and weakness in my arms and then spread into my legs by May. Diagnosed with Fibro on June 28th with a Rheumatologist. I stayed persistant with the doctors and switched a few until I got the answers I needed.


stephanie - August 7

Mine came a few symptoms at a time.. therefore leading me to many different specialist doctors who really couldnt connect all of my strange symptoms.. Now that I know what is causing all the symptoms and all other things have been ruled out.. it makes sense and I realize that I have been dealing with it for years.. Sometimes the symptoms are worse than other times and they are not always the same set of issues... hope that helps


JJ - August 8

I think it was all very gradual for me. It is hard to say, because I had a long period of stress and I just wrote off the tiredness to the stress and I thought i injured myself some way or slept wrong when I had sore shoulders or hip or whatever.



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