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6 Replies
emichelle - August 20

I just went to the doctor for excrutiating pain in my neck, upper back and shoulder area. It feels tight, it burns, the skin feels funny to the touch and it aches and throbs everyday. Doctor referred me to physical therapy and said maybe i should see a chiropractor. I get headaches and the muscles in the front of my neck hurt. sometimes my rib cage hurts on the left side just under my left breast, feels like a sharp stabbing pain and hurts to take a deep breath, went to the ER thinking i was having a heart attack, did xrays & ekg, couldnt find anything sent me home with pain meds. my knee is really painfulto the point i limp had mri and again nothing found. my muscles in my legs twitch constantly and my eyelid twitches all the time, cant sleep and iam completely exhausted. anyone else have this problem?


toots2889 - August 20

emichelle, theres nothing wrong with you, your perfect. I know how you feel, along with most of us on this board. Have you been diagnoised with fibro? If you have, then your just going thru the great world of fibro. I go thru these symptoms on a daily basis. I think your doc. was right by having you go to physical therapy. You need to get the muscles in your body loosened up. You will be surprised how much better youll feel from that alone. Just make sure you go to someone good and pref. someone who has dealt with fibro patients. you seek the wrong one it could backfire. This could help with your sleep issue as well but if it doesnt tell your doc you need him to prescribe something for you. Sleep is vital for you to start feeling better. Hope I was of some help and good luck to you.


chela - August 20

Hi, Michelle

As I was googling Fibromyalgia and chest pain, I came across your post. I couldn't help but register to this website so I can respond. I do not have the answer for you but I completely understand you. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about a year or year and a half ago, however I had experienced all the pains in legs/arms etc....but a about a week ago I started getting the same pain in the chest you might as well been describing "me"...needless to say I went to the local clinic for an observation, they did a EKG it came abnormal so the rush me to the ER, however at the ER, they did the same exams you went through with the exception of the MRI and sent me home with no explanation just saying I was okay and gave me pain medication (which I do not even think it is for fibro)they thought it was GERD...even though I told them I had never had problems with acid reflux they gave me the meds....I know you are looking for an answer which I do not have but I thank you for posting makes me feel that I am not alone and crazy...not only do you have to experience the pain but also worry about other around you not understanding. Hope you feel better


mimosette - August 21

emichelle, and chela,
you will find this board to be of great comfort. We are all alike!


axxie - August 21

Hello emichelle and welcome to our board, we will help you, console you and even give our desire to seek new medical help when needed.

Wondering what FIBROMYALGIA is called:

"The Irritable Everything" Syndrome." Because it does!!!

Chronic pain is a world unto itself, the simple things in life are no longer simple, but there are ways about it. Pain moves from being an unwanted, occasional guest intruding in your life to being the driving force behind all decisions.

A pain is having widespread pain, if you are still undiagnosed or misdiagnosed it will cause you havoc in your life, until you get a firm diagnostic.

It will mean a complete lifestyle change.

Stop drinking colas, coffees, teas except the white or green teas, do not eat fried foods and no junk foods. No cigarette smoking, no drinking and please drink water by the galons.

Eat moderately, and do eat more fruits and vegetables, minus the salt, and the butter.

Go to bed early and try to relax, if you can and if you can go for a nice bath to relax you.

Continue to smile my dear you are not alone, we got you covered. We will help you as much as we can. The rest is easy, show up at the doctor and show her where it hurts.

PS: I shall send you a few more notes for you to read to help you out.


Beone - August 22

Dear emichelle,I had the same thing, i could have written your post myself a we while ago, Known how you feel. send you my love
Ps, Drink plenty of water and have a good multivitamin, mineral supplement.


kjscns09 - September 24

emichelle, I have had pains in my neck, upper back and houlder area for years. I was told by a friend that I had fibro, I was in denial. I had my gall bladder out, thinking that it would relieve the pains, but I continue to have those same pains. I am so glad that this forum is here, because a person could really go off her rocker....thank you all for your postings, they are truly helpful. God Bless!



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