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Whats the diff between Fibro/MS/Myofascial pain
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mummylove - February 1

The more I read the more confised I get, whats the obvious differences????

Going to docs tomorrow to get something for my cramps and shooting pains. having major weakness in arms mostly finding it hard to pick my dauhter up although she 14pounds lol but noticed other things like calf/finger/wrist/foot/ankle cramping has become not tollerable anymore.
Tho I suspect I wont be allowed anything as will be ttc soon.

so anyone knows the difference please? keen on more info cant seem to understand it all?



Amyloo - February 2

Hi, Fibro and MS (and other diseases) have alot of similar symptoms. I was first dxed with fibro in 05, then after an MRI that showed lesions on my brain and spine was dxed with MS. Just a few months ago I learned it has actually been Lyme disease all along and am currely undergoing IV abx.

Please, if you can, have your doctor explore all possible diagnoses, including a Western Blot blood test for lyme disease. I am not sure where you live, but hopefully you can get what you need.



axxie - February 2

Amyloo, I also was told that my brain and spine dxed with MS. I was tested for Lyme disease and it came out negative. I'm going to ask my doctor to do another test.
What is a Western Blot blood test? maybe our testing facilities here in Canada could be different.
Strange that we both have the legions for the brain and spine.
Tell me since your diagnostic, are you capable of working. I can't seem to be able too! I'm so tired, but then my doctor today told me that maybe I can return to work since my mood has been getting better on cymbalta. I'm not sure what to think of that, awhile back she told me that people with FMS rarely worked because it was too hard? Now I'm not sure what to think?
Any comments would be welcomed!


mummylove - February 2

Hi, when the doc asked me if I have heard of fibro, I said well Ive heard of the name but all I know as was on a tv program where this actor was testing for the diff between fibro and ms. then turned out she has ms. anyway lol
He said well fibro and ms are completly different.

This is also why I was asking as from what I read they are very very similar.

Im off to doc today if I can get a babysitter, otherwise tomorrow.

Im getting more intense pains and cramping, also wondering if collar bone pain/stinging is a symptom just had it yesturday and was new to me.




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