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What was your Fibro starting Trauma???
19 Replies
Rosscow - February 7

Hello all.
I was wondering what trauma caused your fibro?
If you read my comment in Tanning your pain away.. that mine was a bad fall which cascaded to fibro. Just curious if any of you pin pointed the initial start? Infection? Or could it have been something your missing before that. Massive stress??
Just curious


Fantod - February 7

I was the perfect storm scenario. I have had TMJ for years which was closely followed by a raging case of osteoarthitis in both knees. The L5 failed in my lower back and my central nervous system through in the towel. I believe that if my lower back pain issues had been treated more aggressively, I might not be in this situation today. Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Rosscow - February 8

Sounds familiar.
You enjoy the rest of weekend also. Thats a combo.
Still, a combo or just one thing for the rest of you.


Rosscow - February 8

I'm replying with my original post in Tanning.
Hey all again
In reply to Vitamin Deficiancy.
Unfortunatley fibro can be caused by many things.
One or two vitamin deficiancies I do not think will cause it as a whole. I think is caused by a combination of things and a cycle is produced.
Take myself for example. I had a serious fall(at work, wiring a water system) down a manhole entrance with a ladder mounted on the side for access. My hand slipped and I fell 15 feet and landed on a valve on my right butt cheek. Should have went to hospital but I was to young and tough for that. Had a bruise the size of Utah just under my right butt cheek. No problem right?
Commenced working and living like normal for years with no issues. Eventually my legs started to ache and burn a bit. No fatigue or abnormal stuff other than that. Then one day it really started getting bad. The fatigue kicked in,back seized up on occasion,athritis started showing up in some joints. Went for MRI and there was major ostioarthritis in my back and especially the right hip. Hmm. ok. Then pelvic muscle pain along with the leg pain and fatigue.. Hmmm.OK. The pins and needles, fatigue, pelvic muscle pain, depression, fibro fog kicked in. Hmm
That incident caused skeletal damage, body responded with arthritis,arthritis caused pain, pain caused depression, depression caused fatigue,fatigue at work caused stress, stress caused immune system problems, immune system problem caused urinary tract issues(prostate). Took massive amounts of antibiotics for prostate....can you see a cycle here??
Vitamins have helped me but not stopped the cycle.
Don't be afraid to take anything that helps your stress, nervous system, immune system.
They are all involved. I take two really good multivitamins, 25mg of zinc, 2 strong combo vitamins which have Magnesium/calcium/ and vitamin D a day. If you investigate these vitamins they help all three factors I mentioned above. They do help. I'm still working. Many people with fibro from what I can see are doing alot worse than I. Believe me I was there. Thought I was going to die right then and there. Thought I had days to live. That my friends was 13 years ago (when everything kicked in together).
Still here trying to deal with the symptoms individually with some success.
I go for another MRI soon to track the arthritis. That will be interesting as I have been having more hip pain than usual.
Hope this sheds some light.
Good day. Rosscow on a hotmail account for any outside comments


Canada17 - February 8

I've always had Fibromyalgia (FM) and while not considered degenerative, it has definitely gotten worse over the years. Traumas have definitely helped with this.

At 15 - Had a bad case of mono, found out the hard way that I am allergic to penicillin. Ever since then I have been allergic to the sun, I break out in a rash. So I'm a nice pasty white, but hey, I won't be as wrinkly when I'm 65! : )

At 21 - Sustained whiplash in a sideways position. My sister was driving, I was in the front passenger seat. She looked in her rear-view mirror, saw that the woman was going to hit us, said, "Oh, F**k", I turned to her to ask, "What?" and BAM! We got hit hard. My neck has never been the same since.

At 23 - Sustained whiplash again, much less forceful but aggravated an already bad situation.

At 26 - Gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. I was in labour for 42 hours though, I think I did something to my lower back/tailbone because it still hurts and I'm being sent for an MRI (three years post-delivery). My epidural only worked for about an hour...maybe the doc put it in wrong? Don't know...

After the birth of my child, that is when things really started to go downhill. I was told to refrain from any activity during pregnancy as my doctor thought I was having complications due to extreme cramping at the beginning of my pregnancy. Of course, at the time I didn't know I had FM so I couldn't have known what the cramps really were. It was just implantation cramping which I felt immensely because of my FM. It wasn't until much later in the pregnancy that I figured it out, and by that time I had been "inactive" for long enough that I couldn't increase my activity being that I was pregnant. So, the pregnancy really took a toll on my body.

In addition, my parents smoked all my life in the house and in the car. I was constantly exposed to second and third hand smoke. I believe this plays a huge role in some of my symptoms. Also, if my mom made dinner, it wasn't exactly of the "healthy" variety - pre-packaged, boxed, from frozen, preservative laden, nutritionally empty, food. I think I would have been better off eating PB&J's.

Also, researchers have found a strong link between abuse and FM. While I was not abused at home, I was bullied all my life (until I graduated from H.S.) and I didn't really have an open dialogue with my parents so I never felt like I could talk to them about anything. My husband has pointed out that the way I was brushed aside whenever I had a problem bordered on mental abuse in that it caused me so much unnecessary stress at such an early time in my life. To this day I am still scoffed at and dismissed by my dad when I have something important to discuss, so I just don't anymore.

So, while have always suffered with FM, I can remember even in my very early years being so sensitive to so many things, these "traumas" have definitely increased the severity of my suffering. To the point that I needed to find answers.

I am certainly not a worse-case scenario FM suffer but I am a "classic" case. lol, classic! that's almost like an oxymoron eh? hahaha!


axxie - February 9

I am not sure when mine started, but my bet after my accident falling out of the elevator the floors were uneven. That happened at work, believe it or not. Was not treated properly, basically no x-ray and was told take tylenol 3 and to move. I kept saying that I hit my head and that my neck and shoulders where problems. Then my lower back started to hurt. Was doing physio for better part of 2 years, that didn't help. I kept saying my back was hurting. Went back to work, and felt ok but not the best. Started complaining about a few into work, tried physio didn't help. Was given many medication that a pshyc wouldn't use on his worst case. Anyway, went into a deep depression, because of the medication that wasn't helping. Finally changed doctor said I wasn't having a depression that my problem was FMS, but it took a long time to diagnose, lots of tests, exams, and other countless doctors. Finally was told because of my accident, basically left untreated by some dumb doctors I got fibro.


axxie - February 9

Oh I forgot I'm also Pernicious anaemia is an autoimmune condition - B-12 anemia, it's when the your stomach can't produce enough of a substance called intrinsic factor. Intrinsic factor is needed for vitamin B12 to be absorbed from food and drink. When you don't make them then your body basically just attack itself and it bring on many problems. So multi weekly injection of B-12 is needed to survive. Lots of the neurological and pins and needles are one of the giveaway. Except in my case, I always had it, but wuth age and accident it didn't come into light.


ptalana - February 9

Dec 30, 2005 I fell down a flight of stairs at work, the stairs were wet and I was trying to wipe them up. I remember hitting my face on one of the steps breaking my nose and then everything went black. I landed on my head on the concrete landing. I ended up with a broken wrist, nose, ribs, thirteen stitches over my left eye, and a severe concussion that lasted over a year. Since the accident I've developed, a double lumbar scoliosis with stenosis and rib hump, degenerative disc disease, a forward posturing neck, nerve damage to spine, vertigo, dislocated jaw with nerve damage, vision and hearing loss, arthritis, and Fms. I now am fighting to maintain my mobility, use a walker and wheelchair now.
Originally we were tested for Ms as I had so many of the symptoms, but after tests showed no lesions learned this wasn't a possibility. Coincidentally my doctor had attended a symposium on Fms during the waiting time for test results. When hubby and I went in to discuss negative Ms results, my doctor informed us not to worry he was pretty sure he new what I had. He proceeded to do 18 point test and I had all 18 points, not to mention almost all of the other Fms associated conditions.


belle1329 - February 9

Long story short..when I was young I had so called growing pains! I was sexually abused as a child, step father age 10 -12 made him stop but didnt tell until age 17, still stayed in the home, I allowed it cause mom almost comitted suiside because I told her and he did everything for her her hole life, everyone thought he was the greates guy, so I didnt file charges (back in those days they didnt push it)I married at age 19 . Lost my sister(she was 37) at age 26 then mom at age 28 (step died between this, thank god may he rot in HELL) Im now 52, still happily married, got in a boating accident broke vertabrea, year later had a very bad flu and have had symptoms ever since. I recently diagnosed with osteo. Thats most of it in a nut shell!


belle1329 - February 9

Oh ps Mom didnt die ate age 28, she got alzhimers, for 10 years!


belle1329 - February 9

I mean she didnt die when I was age 28. she was 78 when she died.


Lee2010 - February 9

My doc thinks that my fms was caused by both physical and emotional trauma. I broke my ankle and didn't know it was broken. Walked on it for 3 weeks. Never quite healed right. Fast forward 10 years and I broke it again in the same spot. Ended up having surgery to remove shattered bone and a large piece of bone stuck in a joint. While recovering, I was in a boot for off and on for a year and managed to damage my back because my legs were different heights. 8 months later my husband had open heart surgery. His main artery had been injured in a mtn. biking accident and over time had become completely blocked. The surgeon told me that I should be a widow, but that the fact that he was so healthy and didn't have heart disease saved his life. His heart basically compensated for the bad artery. It was a lot to deal with in a short amount of time, and my fms symptoms started shortly thereafter. I consider myself extremely lucky, though, because I still have my husband (we've been together 30 years)who I cannot imagine my life without and he is extremely supportive of me and helps me deal with the fibro. And from what I've read from others, I'm also very fortunate to have a doc who understands fibro and is willing to try anything and everything with me. When I have a bad day, I know that there are a lot of people worse off than I am, so I just try to deal with it and trust that the next day will be better. My biggest issue right now is to try and not become a hermit. I don't have much of an appetite, so going out to lunch with my friends doesn't sound appealing anymore. And since I'm so exhausted most of the time, I don't feel like being social. I have a few friends who won't take no for an answer and are forcing me to just do simple things, like go to their homes and just sit and talk. I appreciate this about them, and do try to get out and about. I hear that some people go into remission, so I keep focused on that and hope it's in my future.


jrzgirl - February 9

I was abused from age 3., my Mom was am alcoholic and I got the worst abuse from her, my Dad, God rest his soul was an awesome Dad, he protected me as much as he could. I had knives put to my throat, slammed into walls and hit until bruised. Back then, nobody talked about abuse .My first husband was great, and I loved him so much, we had a daughter(born when he was in Germany Air force) and I lived at home so my daughter saw some abuse. My Mom (I found out later on in life) was giving me and my daughter Valium, I had a nervous breakdown, when he got back from Germany we moved to New york state, but my mind was really messed up which caused marital problems, we divorced, I married my 2nd husband and he was very abusive in many ways plus controlling, growing up being abused seems normal, but I broke the cycle, my daughter was never abused. well jumping to Jan 09, I broke my right foot and thats when I started with the symptoms and problems, sorry this is so long, I get no support from family. I have yet to be diagnosed, had bloo work done, I think it is a combination of Fibro and Raynauds, any suggestions or opinions?


snowflurree - February 12

My starting point was when I got what I thought was the "flu" well I lost my voice and was told that I had laryngitis, but I know my own body and knew that it was more than that as afer 1 month I still had no voice. Finally went to a ENT specialist and he looked down my throat and said I had contracted a virus and had a paralyzed vocal cord. He said it could be paralyzed forever but that if it was going to come back,(my voice) it would happen around the 3rd month. Low and behold at the very 3rd month my voice started to come back gradually. But I never felt the same. I felt like I still had the flu and have felt the pain now for 7 years. Spine, muscles in my back especially around my ribbs, upper neck area. It feels like I have been thrown down a flight of stairs, most days. So maybe it is a virus that this fibro is. Who knows....


Canada17 - February 12

Viral infections are linked to Fibromyalgia (FM) however, FM is not caused by a virus, but it can be triggered by one.

While cause and trigger may sound like one in the same, they are not.

I would take an educated guess and say that not everyone who contracts the virus that paralyzed your vocal cords developed FM. But, if you were already predisposed to developing FM, the virus may very well have set it off.


Kiwigirl - February 13

My Fibro started out as Occupational Overuse Syndrome,I would be sent for Physio, but it kept coming back and was worse each time, I could just feel it was spreading throughout my body. It took 15 years for the Doctors to finally decide what was wrong.


jean47feeling like87 - February 14

Hi, I'm new to this forum. I think my fibro started during my recovery from spinal fusion at L5-S1 level. I started having pain in just about every place on my body. My shoulders hurt, especially my right shoulder. My right arm and had gets numb and tingly from typing on the computer and using the mouse. My legs have "like growing pains" soo achey, and burns from top of thigh to my feet. My heels are so tender and painful with any walking. I just finished 6 sessions of water therapy. I had afew flare ups at first, but kept going. I've been taking savella for 2 months now. I didn't know it made my high blood pressure go up. I'm scheduled to see a neurologist next week for peripheral neuropathy. All diabetes test came back negative. Also had a brain MRI, cervical and thracic MRI to rule out MS. I wish I could work again, bu my back surgeon is still worried about my fusion not taking because of osteoporosis. Does anyone have any similar stories? I'm 47, but feel like 87!!



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