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What to expect
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cjm - February 22

I have posted here a few times, mainly to vent I think and then about my medication dilemma. I do have questions I hope those with more experience and knowledge can answer.
I have had symptoms for 3, 4, 5 years I'm not sure how long. I have ignored them or made excuses, never told anyone including my husband, because I figured it wouldn't help to complain.
The Fibromyalgia diagnosis sort of came about by accident. I have been seeing a Pain Specialist because of shoulder pain, I never talked to him about all the other pain or things going on because I was there for my shoulder. When his PA gave me an RX for Lyrica, I didn't ask questions, but at home started reading about it and what it was for and came across Fibromyalgia and the symptoms, it was eye opening. The next appointment I brought it up to the PA, we talked alot and tender points were check and here I am today. I have many of the symptoms as the rest of you, the all over flu like pain, IBS, headaches, random pain that is worse then the flu like pain, with shooting pain that just happens when and where ever. Extreem morning stiffnes, I call it my frankinstein walk when I get up in the morning, and have to hold furniture and walls for support, also really stiff if I sit for long periods like at my desk. The memory problems (thought I was getting A.D.D. as an adult as well as dementia). The sleeping problems and fatigue are the worst part of it I think.
Thats the history now the question. Most of the people here seem to have much worse pain then I do. Yes it's there, yes it bothers me alot, but has not been debilitating.
The fatigue seems to effect me more. As time goes on can I expect the overall pain to get worse. Will the symptoms and problems associated with Fibro keep changing? Most of all what can I expect from here on out....
I often think if I could just sleep at night it would help with most of the problems. I read articles that seem to suggest the people with Fibromyalgia, don't sleep well because the brain basically doesn't shut down enough to go into the deep REM sleep. If this is the case do sleeping medications really help?




As you know, FIbro has several symptoms and effects everyone differently. I know I have pain that has me laying in the bed, curled in a ball and wanting to cry sometimes. I also have anxiety, sleep problems, memory issues (fibro-fog), stomach problems and soo much more!!

I wouldn't worry how much "worse" or "better" you will get. Just roll with the punches and take it day by day. As stress and worry DEFINITELY causes Fibro symptoms to be worse. I would keep in contact with your doctor and make them aware of any changes of current symptoms or any new symptoms that may come up. There are lots of different meds that can make our condition bearable.

And when it comes to sleep, meds will help you. Not sure if you have tried any over the counter or herbal meds. I would try those first. Then if nothing works, I would go to the doctor and get put on something that would help. I take Ambien every other day (my doctor is silly and doesn't want me to take them everyday). I also use Ativan to help me relax and calm my mind so that I can sleep.

Hang in there and know this is an awesome board! There are lots of caring ppl that are here for support and know what they are talking about!

Take care!


lucky13 - February 22

Fibro is not suppose to be a progressive condition that worsens as time goes on,but there is so much not known about it, it's really hard to say what is or isn't truth.
From what I have read, the lack of good sleep is a big issue in fibro and our pain, I haven't tried sleep aids yet, but it seems like they should help if they can help you get to REM sleep to help prolong the time your in REM sleep. Since i don't use sleep aids, I have not researched them much. I just try to promote good sleep as much as I can. relaxation techniques and routine can help, along with limiting caffine(or at least they help me some).
Like inpaindailyjc said, just roll witht he punches, taking one day at a time, and stay on top of the latiest research so you know what's going on.
Good luck


toots2889 - February 23

Hello. I will try my best to answer your questions to the best of my ability. First off, you need to definitely get your sleep situation under control. If your dr. hasnt prescribed you anything, then you need to ask him to.Sleep is very important to fibro patients. A lack of sleep can definitely effect how you function, how your body functions, and how you feel. Sleep is as important as oxygen to us. Does fibro progress and can it become worse with time? I personally feel that it does. My pain has increased tremendously since i was first diagnosed. I can also tell you that since this has all started for me, ive progressed and have been diagnoised with stuff now that i didnt have before. What one has, another might not have, some suffer with severe pain others with little to no pain. Thats the strange thing about fibro, noone is the same. It effects everyone differently. If i was you, Id read up on fibro, and then id enjoy the fact that your not as bad as alot of us are at this time. Try and enjoy the fact that you can still do certain things that some of us cant, because someday you may not be able to.I hope i was of some help to you. If theres anything else you have questions about or just need to vent, please feel free to do so.



January - February 24

Hi cjm. Previous posts here are good! I agree. Wanted to add a bit of 20/20 hindsight. I think I had fibro from the time I was young, but didn't know. Educate yourself now, to stay as healthy as you can. I improved my symptoms a lot with a healthier diet and supplements for fatigue. I can't take the "new" fibro drugs; I take old stuff that has been on the market for decades.

I did get worse over time and got terribly sick. I've healed myself some. Here are my ideas to heal what you can NOW and prevent yourself from getting worse. These are things you still have some control over - SLEEP, STRESS, FOOD, EXERCISE

Good sleep is essential - and you might need sleep meds. Rest when you need to. (I never slept well, and I pushed myself too hard. This led to burn-out, of course.)

Stay away from stressful situations. They upset your mind, and your body; your immune system weakens and your muscles stay chronically tensed. Try hard not to get sick. If you believe in flu shots, get them. Avoid sneezers. If you're around an abusive partner, friend or boss, move on. Meditate. Laugh.

Clean up your diet, eat HEALTHY. Read up on this, it's important! Our regular food supply is not good. A lot of us have food allergies with weird symptoms. (For me, gluten-free diet means no IBS, no depression and less fibro pain. It's worth it!) Take vitamin/ mineral supplements; eat organic when you can. Avoid chemical additives, like aspartame, MSG and food dyes. Find out what works with your body. Sometimes an allergy doesn't hit you for days, then your thinking gets fuzzy. Or you get a migraine or a rash. Pay attention. If your body doesn't get good nutrients over the years, it will break down, guaranteed.

Exercise as well as you can, and keep your muscles stretched and toned.

And… remember, prescription meds can cause symptoms like nausea, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety… sometimes even liver damage. So read those information packets and know what side effects your meds might be causing. You might need to switch.

Like toots said, everybody is so different with this disease, but stay as healthy as you can! Life is easier that way! : )



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