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what the judge said!!!!!!!!!
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linda brown - January 23

went to see the judge for a second time in dec. and we over him say, "i'm not impressed with fibromyalgia" i thought that was very unprofessional and just plain rude, i have all the documentation i need and more. it's been almost 3 yrs since i filed for ssi. all i'm waiting on now is for the judge to make a dicision. anyone have any ideal how long this may take. and good luck to everyone because this fibro is really hard to deal with.


Fantod - January 23

Unfortunately, your situation is common. It is very difficult to get disability with FMS. Some people have waited longer than three years. I suugest that if this doesn't work, go online and look at Allsup. They seem to have a good track record for getting approval in a very short amount of time. Good luck and take care.


ItsmeWayne - February 1

If you tell the judge you are severely depressed from fibromyalgia, they may have you see a phyciatrist, for an evaluation and that usually will get this pushed over the top, with a DX of severe depression.
Ya gotta do what you have to do, to get this through. It does not matter, what the diagnosis is. You just need to be able to survive!


ptalana - March 10

This is truly mind boggling!!!I have just been diagnosed with FMS and am taken aback by the sheer ignorance not only in the average person, but by many health care professionals,not to mention legal professionals!!! I developed FMS after a severe fall at work which has left me not only with FMS, but scoliosis, nerve damage to back and neck, my jaw keeps dislocating, vertigo. I have also lost my drivers licence after fainting while driving I ended up in the middle of an intersection on a red light (no one was hurt). I am now unable to walk without aid, use walker at home and spend most of my days flat on my back in extreme pain. I have been denied long term disabilty benefits and we are now suing not only my employer but the insurance companies (there are 3). I am scared after reading all the problems that others are encountering. We have a discovery on Apr 3, and I haven't even met my attorney yet. Is there anyone who has sucessfully won thier lawsuit or benefits??? Thanks Patty



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