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What the hell have I got?
6 Replies
Nicky6310 - February 9

I have a list of symptoms as long as your arm, it reads like a hypocondriacs diary!!!

Just been to see my doctor again who said I have Fibromyalgia but doesn't seem sure.

Ive had pain in my right arm and aches down my right leg which sometimes goes numb and especially weak after exercise. I have pains in my chest which then goes between my shoulder blades then feels uncomfortable for days.

I am now suffering from severe dizziness. A few weeks ago it lasted for two weeks but was sort of manageable if you can call it that. I have had to take time of work this time as it has been impossible to stand up and when its at its worst I feel sick and get a feeling in my stomach that i can only describe like when you go on a rollercoaster.

I'm glad I'm taking antidepressants as I am now at my wits end. I am fed up of people saying I get aches and pains I feel dizzy and oh its just your age.

I am now down for more blood tests and I am extremely fed up. I am beginning to feel like I was when I had depression, when it felt like no one was listening and I was beating my head up against a brick wall.

To be honest I feel so tired I just want to crawl under my duvet and stay there until it goes away.


Fantod - February 10

Nicky6310 - Welcome to the board!

Do you have or have you ever been evaluated for a back problem? The type of issues that you are describing, pain, numbness, weakness go hand in hand with a disc problem in either your neck or lower back or both. You should have an MRI done to see if that may be part of the issue.

To get a firm diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, you really need to see a rheumotologist. Take any recent bloodwork or other tests that you may have had to speed up the process. I know how frustrating all of this is having been through it myself. Good luck and take care.


January - February 10

Hi Nicky, Your severe dizziness could be a side effect from your antidepressant. I had dizzinesss and lightheadedness -- but I dismissed it when I should have complained very loudly. I eventually passed out in a bad place and really hurt myself - I could have been killed, luckily I only have permanent spinal damage and more pain. I don't know what you are taking, or if you have changed meds or dosages. The antidepressants are tricky and can affect you for many months after you stop taking them. Please research your drug(s) on the internet, or talk to your pharmacist as soon as possible. Don't pass out somewhere like I did.

I took antidepressants for years, but they really weren't helping me -- they just made me not care about anything. Also, I was having severe side effects, but nobody caught the problems. I figured it out myself. Now I am taking SAM-e and many natural supplements. That, with diet, has completely cured my lifelong depression. I take older, established drugs for my pain and other fibro issues.

Wishing you the best.


toots2889 - February 11

Call and make an appt. with a rhuematologist, and he should be able to tell you for sure whats going on. It sounds like your getting fustrated, and i cant say as I blame you. Once you know for sure, it will put your mind to rest. Take care and good luck to you!


LadyNae - February 12

I hear you there. A few years ago I started having severe chest pains that would radiate down my arm, and from time to time I still get them pretty bad. In my case it turned out to be "just anxiety" as my dr. said. THough I was on antidepressants sometimes you need something to calm your nerves when you are over anxious. WHen all of this started I had no idea I was anxious at all.

I have also had bouts of dizziness that have left me on the couch with a bowl near by because every time I would move I would get so sick to my stomach. I was unable to drive or do anything really. That was caused by vertigo. It is simple stuff that could be overlooked so if it hasn't been suggested yet I would bring it up.


mdak - February 13

nicki360 - Becareful on the anitdipressents. I Suffer from severe depression and have trouble taking most of the aniidepressents. I almost died when giving me cymbalta. I have serotin syndrome, found out almost too late. I take and old one, called remron, helps with your mind racing at night also. Everybody is so different on meds. I hope you find out what is wrong, not fun going through this. I am just learning how to live with this FM.


MrsKookey - February 15

I have been having pain through out my body for years, but thought it to be within the "norm". In the last 4 months it has gotten really severe. My labs are coming back normal...why is this? I wholeheartedly, think its will they diagnose it when a lot of the symptoms point to multiple illnesses?



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