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what tends to make fibromyalgia flare ups
8 Replies
Cindy - January 31

since we figured out this is probably what i am diagnosised with, i have some days that are unbearable, and i was wondering if there are certain things that make it worse?


coco - January 28

i find the weather is a big factor and stress...
or if i overdo.


Louise - January 29

I would agree. All three of those things will do me in.


JJ - January 30

Stress is the no. 1 cause of my flare ups. But there are many things that can cause stress -- weather for example can do it. I live in Central Florida where we were hit by 3 hurricanes in 2004 -- I suffered through some of my worst symptoms ever at that time, although my house sustained no damage. Now I am in a flare up mode and I blame it on a tough schedule at work over the last few weeks that has caused me to fall behind.


Kim - January 30

I agree that stress is the main cause of my symptoms. I started to get my pain under control but because of my demanding work schedule and working 12-14 hours days plus weekends for the past month, I have had the worse flare ups in awhile. I live in California and do notice flare ups when we have rain in the forecast.


donna - January 30

Just one late night can mess me up for days. Or another injury, such as a fall. Cold weather is bad too. And stress also aggravates it.


Sarah - January 31

Apparently, stress seems to be the most noted "cause" for fm pain. I would agree. I would also agree that, fortunately stress, is one thing we can control. We may not be able to control others actions that may cause stress, but we can control our response. Deep breathing, praying, trusting and just plain choosing not to worry. Also, on the weather note, I'm not sure weather can cause stress, per se,although 4 hurricanes is quite the stress-inducer :), I believe the weather tends to affect us when there is a significant amount of moisture in the air, which can cause joint flare-up. Cold air can also be a candidate for fm pain. You tense up to stay warm (naturally) and your body is already tense, therefore causing pain. Pain can also be a factor when you haven't done gentle stretches. Naturally, our muscles will be sore if we haven't worked them out. I'm still learning how to do this one! Also, try to eat good stuff...I'm also still learning the best diet for me when it comes to my fm, but, keep searching out answers. Check out these good books, too. "New Hope for People with Figromylagia," and "Fibromyalgia: A Comprehensive Approach." Both are good. And a good book that may have healthy food options is, "The Maker's Diet, " by Jordan S. Rubin. You may not be able to follow that diet to a "T" because those herbal foods are kind of spendy, but it's worth trying some things out. By the way, another pain relieving tool that is quite effective is a long, deep tissue massage!


Sarah - January 31

I just thought of a few more things, Cindy (and Tim - from another question). Although you asked for advice about flare-ups, I have some more solutions for avoiding those unwanted burdens. Consider re-arranging your kitchen, where you tend to reach and bend and lift the most. Make sure dishes are on a level that is easy to reach. Often, our dishes are high and we have to lift the small plates off of the big plates to even get to what we want! That's what I call unecessary work! Sometimes, pain can deter you from doing what you love. And if that's cooking or sewing or what have you, try and arrange your ingredients, etc. beforehand so you don't have to constantly be trying to remember, for one thing, what you need next, and so that you don't have to reach and bend so frequently. This is especially important if your kitchen is big.
Another thing to consider is a long hot shower or bath. That will sooth some of that muscle pain for awhile. Sometimes I find that I feel worse (more tired and groggy) after something like that, but when I'm feeling terrible, anything is better!


louise - January 31

becareful about the water temp of your bath. I found soaking in a warm bath very soothing. but then I had to deal with my skin becoming to dry.



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