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what states are the best for allowing drs to treat fibro
5 Replies
conniehurts - September 17

I am on 125 mcg duragesic changed every 48 hours and 4 mg dilaudid every 3 hours as needed and need desperately to move to a warmer climate. Right now I am in Alaska and the cold weather is killing me both physically and mentally. I am literally stuck in our cabin for a minimum of 3-4 months every winter. I fear moving because of the nightmare of finding a new dr who will treat me. I have fibro, reynauds, bulging disks, spinal stenosis, degenerative disk disease, GI problems that they cant figure out and lord only know what else. Here it is almost impossible to find a dr who will treat pain with opioids which is all that works for me. I know that some states are more lenient than other but don't know what one is what. I have been considering Washington state but from some of what I have read here that doesn't sound like a good choice. My husband will need to find a job with insurance. We both have health issues and are in our late 50s. He is a heavy equipment operator amongst other things and a very dependable worker who has only had 4 different jobs in 36 years and no time without working. He does everything for me and is a wonderful husband! We need to be in a moderate climate so that summer heat doesn't kill him and winter cold doesn't kill me that is west of the Mississippi River. We will want to live in a rural area that is close enough to a city for decent medical care. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know we have a lot of "must haves" but I know the right place is out there. Winter is ok if its not very severe or very long. Already I am unable to be outside for more than 5 minutes without my hands going numb and its only September. We need desperately to move when the weather warms up again since we have 2 horses to haul. I use my horse for physical and emotional therapy but get very little riding days here. Please tell me what your area is like for medical care and job situations.


Sympathetisoul - April 21

Hi Conniehurts, I lived in Michigan and the winters are brutal there also. But my Pain Specialist suggested I go to a warm dry climate. I cannot take cold or really hot. We ended up in Blythe, ca. We love the area however it does get truly hot hear in the summer. My husband and I will be in Michigan for most of the hot summer but I think I could learn to live with the heat. The sun shines 360 days a year so that is very helpful on my depression and anxiety.
Hope this helps some


conniehurts - April 21

Hi Sympathetisoul, I was born and raised in SW Michigan and wouldn't live there again even if it meant staying in Alaska! lol. I swore when I left there that I would never live where I had snow up to my butt half the year so what did I do? Moved to Alaska where I have snow 9 months out of the year! Makes sense huh? I loved it here till I got sick but now it is hell. I am stuck in a 24X24 cabin with wood heat and no running water and only go out every 3 months for the dr. Last year I didn't even have any summer (usually they are to die for here!)We are hoping to move to Spokane Washington area in a year or so. I fear that even then we will be stuck here because if hubby retires we will have to pay for insurance with only a small 401K and ss for income. We fear that isn't going to work and I cant get medicare for 6 years. I just want to live where I can have a life and hopefully have doctors that will listen and care!


Sympathetisoul - April 28

Well ConnieHurts, I was in the same position as you. I needed warm weather and my husband had been in the same job for over 30 years total and we couldn't live without his income and insurance. I was not sure what we were going to do because we had all these bills and I could no longer work. Anyway to make a long story short I got a lawyer to help me get social security and it was only about seven weeks and it went through. We sold everything we owned to pay off our bills and my husband retired and we came to Blythe, Ca. I still hurt a lot. If the wind blows I get Fibro mygraines and hurt everywhere. But it is warm enough to go set by the river or outside and enjoy the serenity. Which definitely helps with depression. My only problem is I had to leave all of my family back in Michigan. So I will pray something works out for you. Warning: Washington is very wet and cold in winter. I would venture to say not good for Fibro.


conniehurts - April 29

Hi Simpathetisoul, I have been told that because I didn't work outside the home I cannot get anything from SS. Did you work outside the home? I think I will try to find an attorney that specializes in disability. Being in Fairbanks AK I fear that will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. I am not even sure that my pcp will agree that I am disabled! If I can even get disability insurance that will cover my meds and the tests my hubby has to have every year (he has FAP)I would be extatic! He can take early retirement in 14 months and I am hoping beyond all hope that we can leave Alaska at that time. I know that Washington has winter but in the area we are looking it is short and mild. I can put up with 3 months of mild winter if I know that the rest of the year is liveable! I left my family in Michigan 30 yrs ago and went to Ga where most of them ended up following me. Alaska was a good choice at the time since I knew they wouldn't follow and not even be likely to visit! lol. We plan on heading to Washington to look for land to buy the end of May. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Gentle hugs! Peace Connie


Sympathetisoul - May 7

Hi ConnieHurts,

Yes I did work outside my home. Not until my children were adults and out of the home though. I still think you could get SSI if you are considered disabled. I'm having a little trouble finding a good set of doctors since I moved to Ca. But I am going to Mi for the summer and will see my set of doctors there and set up more physicians while I am there. I'm really tired of hurting but have to deal with it until hopefully they come up with a cure. Hoping but not really placing any bets on it. lol Well I hope things work out for you and that you get somewhere that is warmer for you.



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